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A clear and arrogant voice came from her ears, which made her wake up immediately. When she saw that it was Shanghai that was pressing on her, her expression suddenly became extremely complicated, with some embarrassment and incomprehensibility in it. The meaning.

Don\’t you have ears? Your patriarch agreed to give us a hundred places, why? Are you still planning to stop us? Yao Wuji\’s mouth twitched a few times, and his expression became cold. in this way.The patriarch promised you that it was when you were in the nineteenth holy city with us at the beginning, and together resisted the invasion of the strong star realm. But, what about you? Humph, seeing the strong star realm invaded, not only did you not help, but also I opened the barrier without authorization and escaped. If you hadn\’t done this, how could the six hundred brothers and sisters of our spirits and gods die in vain? And our uncles…Ling Xuanhao, who had always been calm, was also angry at the moment. When he talked about the past, his fists couldn\’t help squeezing.In an instant!All the children of the spirits and gods are glaring at the monsters and gods. Although many people have not participated in the battle at that time, they have also heard of it, especially those who are close to those who are in that battle. His chest was burning.Joke, the main force of the 30,000 Hao Star Realm, plus 200,000 Hao Star Realm powerhouses came to besiege, how many garrisons are in the 19th Holy City? Realm strong against the enemy? Abandoning the holy city, that is to save strength, the temple did not blame me, what qualifications do you have to blame? Besides, you are just stupid if you don’t leave, and you ran to die for nothing. What does it matter? Yao Wuji said with disdain.Fuck you!You demon and gods clan is nothing more than a tortoise with its head down, and it\’s really thick-skinned to put out such a high-sounding reason.No matter what, the death of my uncle is inseparable from you.Brothers, what nonsense do you do with them, take them down first. A collateral kid roared and immediately took the lead.If one person moves, a hundred people move.The children of the spirits and spirits who were already unable to control the line directly shot. Under the urge of anger, although they did not kill, they were inevitable.Heh! Brother Demon, can you solve these miscellaneous fish by yourself? Qing Yuyan didn\’t change his face, and cast his eyes on Yao Wuji.Brother Qing said it\’s a miscellaneous fish, why don\’t you take a shot, I\’m enough. Yao Wuji\’s eyes revealed a strange blood color, his body bloomed with evil power, his limbs gradually melted away, and his body became bloody. Crystal out……It\’s okay for the demon Wuji to stay still. Under this movement, the void fell silent, and countless traces of blood appeared, like blood claws. At first it was three or four times. In a moment, it has reached tens of thousands of times, densely covered by the rushing spirits. In front of the children of God\’s line.Huh!Bloodstains emerged.boom!Hundreds of children who rushed up to kill him were shocked to vomit blood on the spot, and even Ling Xuanbiao was shocked to retreat by three hundred meters. His knees were submerged in the soil before he stopped. However, his face was surging with blood and blood. It was pale, obviously hurt.


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