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After tearing open the sacred tortoise, the misty man quickly stepped forward, his body fell into the sprayed blood, and a lot of blood and impurities were vaporized, leaving only a drop of essence and blood into the man\’s. He clasped his right hand tightly, and walked towards the east without even looking at the two of Shanghai.

On the Lingshen line, the second elders and others have heard the change. At this moment, they are also suppressing the raging anger, and they want to directly start the divine battle, but they can\’t be impulsive, because the Lingshen line has lost 70% in the past five years. The above-mentioned powerhouses have already suffered a severe loss of vitality, and must be rejuvenated. Once a battle of the gods is carried out, the loss of the spirits and the veins will be even greater, and they may even fail to recover from then on.But if there is no fight, the spirit of the spirits and gods will be frustrated, and the second elder and others will be in a dilemma.Shanghai remains calm and calm, without any discoloration.Ling Zhantian on the side did not speak again, because he had already noticed the look of Shanghai, but wanted to see how this love-sun, who was constantly creating miracles, dealt with this matter, although it was related to the future development of the spirit and god line, but He still intends to let it go and take a look.Roar……A dragon chant sounded in the sky, from far to near, like a king descending, the earth trembled violently, as if countless heavy objects were shaking, and then huge heads appeared on the horizon, and the sky was also obscured by huge clouds. NS.No, that is not a cloud group, but an innumerable beast.Whether it is the sky or the earth, there are desolate beasts. Seeing so many desolate beasts, even the strong people of the line of monsters and gods can\’t help but change their colors.One hundred thousand wild beasts…The demon god tribe’s cheeks twitched again and again, and his expression was extremely ugly. He had also heard about the rescue of one hundred thousand wild beasts in Shanghai before, but he didn\’t care too much. That\’s it for a small wild beast frenzy.Now it seems that it is not the wild beast frenzy, but Shanghai really dominates these 100,000 wild beasts. Otherwise, why would they not come when they came, but this time…One hundred thousand wild beasts…Even if the strength of the individual wild beasts is not very strong, but if it is a group battle, after a shock, I am afraid that the strong from the demon god clan will lose a lot…Stop! Shanghai raised his hand high.In an instant!The hundred thousand wild beasts stopped obediently.This time it was not just the demon god clan leader, even the cheeks of the three great elders and others twitched. As long as the eyes are not blind, you can see that these hundred thousand wild beasts are definitely under the control of Shanghai.At this time, the demon god clan lord and others are silent, and the strong men of the demon god clan have already closed their mouths. If they are still clamoring for a war of gods at this time, the demon god clan will definitely lose a lot. Pin Shenyuan paid such a heavy price, for them, it was simply not worth the loss.Ling Zhantian’s calm complexion eased a bit, and his gaze towards Shanghai was full of relief. This is indeed good. Not only can it avoid the loss of the spirits and gods, but it can also make the monsters and gods shut up, and even fall into a passive situation. .Ling Zhantian, you have a good grandson, so you can order a hundred thousand wild beasts… The old patriarch of the demon god spoke up, and the pitch of his voice was high and low, which made it difficult to distinguish the meaning of his words.


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