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The habit for many years was suddenly broken. Ming Yuyan was a little panicked, and subconsciously hugged the thing closest to her. It was a tight but slightly majestic body. In the panic, she seemed to be a ship in the wind. The small boat traveling in the heavy rain suddenly saw a stable and safe harbor, and grasped it tightly. She would never forget that feeling in her life.

This thing is indeed very rare. Before leaving, he left some special treasure records to Shanghai, so that he can recognize them in future encounters. These things, even if they are old, are quite valued, and the touchstone is one of them. .According to the old undead, these foreign objects are extremely rare, even in the realm of Gods, they are quite difficult to come across. Not only do they have unique effects, they also have a special function, and this kind of function happens to Shanghai. Is what he needs most.The touchstone can be integrated into one\’s own mind, and some characteristics of the treasures you need can be recorded in it. As long as you carry it with you, once it is used to explore other treasures, you can identify whether it is what you need.These characteristics are extremely rare, and none of the other treasures have it.Although Shanghai knows a lot of treasures, he does not know. After all, he was only in the wild world before, and his vision was limited there. Now that he has contact with God\’s Domain and the millions of small worlds, he will not know the treasures he will encounter in the future. How much, if you don’t know it, you might miss!With the touchstone on the body, Shanghai is not afraid of missing what it needs.certainly!This feature alone is not enough for Shanghai to fight to the death. The touchstone has another more powerful special effect, which is \”turning stones into gold\”. Although the name is a little cheesy, its effect is extremely amazing and it is also old. Why does Immortal want to include it in the record of special treasures.Turn stones into gold means to raise the treasures obtained by more than one level. Whether it is a magic medicine, a divine tool, or other treasures, it can be used.For example, if Shanghai uses the touchstone on the evil spirit spear, it can be raised from the lower rank of the sixth rank to the middle rank of the sixth rank, or above the upper rank of the sixth rank, and it does not have the slightest restriction, even the first rank artifacts. Can improve, but the effect is weaker, this is the terrible touchstone.Of course, Shanghai will not use the touchstone on the Evil God Spear, because it is too wasteful. At least you have to obtain the ultimate treasure and use it again, so as not to waste the touchstone.Afterwards!The two continued to march along the front road. They were previously blocked by the death gods. After these death gods were eliminated by Tianjue, the two finally found the special teleportation formation and stepped in immediately.呲…After teleporting for a while, the Shanghai two finally arrived outside the city of Shenlin where God Furnace is located.The vision of the two is not bad, but the moment they saw God Lincheng, they were still shocked by its magnificent splendor.An ancient bronze city towering into the clouds is like an immortal peak, standing on the horizon, even the extremely high peaks around it are compared to it, and this ancient bronze city is full of primitive simplicity and simplicity. The most profound lines, each line, each line contains an eternal aura.What\’s even more amazing is that even the most subtle of these lines reveals a terrifying aura that destroys the world.Even if they were looking from a distance, the two of Shanghai couldn’t help but worship, but this feeling was restrained by the two on the spot. In the distance, there were people walking from time to time, all dressed in weird clothes, and they were cultivators in a different world. However, when they entered the city of Shenlin, they began to fall down and walked slowly toward the city of Shenlin.


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