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Xiao Siyu\’s qualifications are quite good. He successfully introduced Qi into the body a few days ago and entered the level of Qi refining. He has been practicing very hard these days. It\’s really difficult for him to be young. He just relies more on Jianxi when he doesn\’t practice. Especially in these two days, when he doesn\’t practice, he seems to have little time to play. Most of them are lost and snuggle up with Jianxi, Watch Jane quietly, or read a book, or do something.

The Green Elephant and the others were shocked. They swiftly swept away, held it, and checked it quickly. They found that Chi Xing had been injured. Although it was not heavy, it was not light. With angry eyes, he immediately glared at Guo Qidao, and the rest The strong man in the Tianchen Alliance is also full of anger.Guo Qidao, what do you mean? We have already opted out of the Divine Spirit Secret Realm, and you have also obtained the Divine Spirit Secret Realm. There is no need to entangle it any more? What\’s more, entanglement is not good for you and us. Said coldly.The Gods Secret Realm?The corners of Guo Qidao’s mouth twitched, and his smile quickly converged, “The Secret Realm of Gods is something that we must have. Do you think that with your patience and qualifications, you can fail us? In the past six years, Shanghai has never appeared, he Shouldn\’t it be in the Tianchen Alliance?\”Hearing this, the expressions of the others changed again.Only a few people know the news of Chenzhu’s departure from Shanghai. It has always been claimed to the outside world that Shanghai is in retreat. In addition, the Wuguang evil beast has been entrenched outside the city of Shenlin. Almost everyone believes that Shanghai has always been Can\’t get out of retreat in Shenlin City.If I didn\’t expect it wrong, Shanghai hasn\’t come back, and he hasn\’t appeared in six years. He might have died. Guo Qidao said slowly.You are talking nonsense! Mu Ningxue said softly.suddenly!Guo Qidao cast his gaze at Mu Ningxue, his pupils shrank slightly. Although he was focused on practicing, he did not respond to women in any way. What\’s more, he was still so stunning, even if he wasn\’t seeing it for the first time, he couldn\’t help it. It was amazing.Suddenly, the expression in Guo Qidao\’s eyes changed, and his gaze toward Mu Ningxue carried a faint desire.You are a woman from Shanghai… Guo Qidao said slowly.Guo Qidao, you should be enough, don\’t lose the face of Tian Zhanzong. Mu Xing moved and stood in front of Mu Ningxue, staring at Guo Qidao solemnly.Mu Xing, you think you are the descendant of Mu Xuezong, so you can scold me at will? You are not qualified enough, let me go. Guo Qidao\’s eyes flashed with strange light.suddenly!There has been subtle changes in the void, and the space continues to sink, as if being impacted by a terrifying force. This is the fourth-rank mid-level magical skill of the Heavenly Zhanzong-the void is trapped. If you don\’t know why, you don\’t know at all. How this magical skill is activated will not be felt until the moment it is present, but it is already too late by then.The sleeves of Mu Xing waved, and the brilliance emerged, like a colorful chain of stars, so beautiful, and her figure also danced, looking like a fairy dancing, but at this moment, her expression is extremely solemn, because In the color chain, bursts of terrifying and astonishing sounds continued to erupt.Bang bang bang…The huge shock force shook Mu Xing back and forth again and again, and Ming Yan\’s face gradually turned pale, and she could not stop until she retreated ten feet.Yes, I have some patience. At the peak of the sixth worldly reincarnation, I can block my void. No wonder you will be valued by the Mu Xuezong\’s suzerain. Guo Qidao said dismissively: \”You really think you can keep her. Nothing…\”


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