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The area inside is about 30 square meters, eight meters long and nearly four meters wide. Carpets and other things are laid inside. However, Jane could smell the smell of the original friar, which made her very uncomfortable, so she pulled out all the decorations and burned them down.

For Shanghai, dead wood and others can be said to be convinced.Brother Shengmu, put away these eighth-rank restoration treasures first. Shanghai said.This… Shengmu hesitated.I don\’t need it for the time being. You can keep all the recovered treasures in the future, Shanghai said.Um!Shengmu is not hypocritical.These restoration treasures are indeed what he urgently needs. Although for the ancestors of God\’s Domain, the eighth-rank restoration treasures are not eye-catching at all, but if the amount is accumulated to a certain extent, it will be very shocking, and it is currently sold in Shanghai. Judging from the situation of barren patterns, there will be more and more.Afterwards!Shanghai has allocated some treasures of reincarnation, and 40,000 high-grade gods have given Mu Ningxue and Ming Yuyan and other women. As for the rest, he keeps it for himself. One is to prepare for emergencies. It is used to continuously improve the blood of the ancient demon.As the ancient demon’s sacred body is transformed, the blood of the ancient demon is increasing slowly. At first, a high-grade god source can condense a drop of ancient demon blood, but now, a thousand high-grade god source can only Only one condensed, Shanghai probably cannot be supplemented by the power of the top grade god source.And above the top grade god source, it is the top grade god source, and the effect is naturally much better. A top grade god source can condense dozens of drops of ancient magic blood.It\’s just that these gods are even rarer, even if there are only seven in the wood world, most of them have been taken by Shanghai.Just relying on the stacking of high-grade gods, it is necessary to reach the fusion of one hundred thousand ancient demon blood, and thus enter the second stage of the ancient demon sacrament. I don\’t know how many high-grade gods are needed… Fortunately, I have obtained the inheritance of the gods, and it is just right inside. There is a primary barren pattern that can purify the power in the high-grade god source. After the refined high-grade god source, one is at least equivalent to between five and ten unpurified ones… If you change to the top-grade god source, the effect will be similar. So… Shanghai Xin said.It’s just that refining the barren pattern cannot be completed overnight. It must rely on personal understanding and more practice. With continuous contact, the basic strength barren pattern has almost reached half of the success rate, basically it is barely getting started. .Shanghai can try to refine the second basic god-speed barren pattern. This is also the barren pattern he needs. The strong body barren pattern previously refined is the foundation for this basic god-speed barren pattern.Immediately, Shanghai closed its doors.Mu Ningxue\’s second daughter is also stepping up her practice.With the passage of time, the powerful effect of the wild pattern spread quickly. Many powerful people in the blood table of the gods knew the effect of the strong body pattern. Almost.And relying on the strong body and wild patterns, many strong people have survived in the realm of mortal. Coupled with the lobbying of these strong ones, the role of the wild patterns has spread more and more, even some originally disdainful comprehension of the four worlds reincarnation artistic conception. The powerhouses are beginning to pay attention to the strong body barren pattern.Chapter 1033 Prince Taijie


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