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The seventh time, the furnace cover was opened and four kinds of medicinal liquid were dropped;

Hiding in the void, it\’s no wonder that no one can be found… The two powerhouses of the True Underworld Protoss suddenly stunned.I wonder if the two of you are looking for me? Shanghai looked at them.What can I do with you? Heh, is this guy a fool? Can\’t tell?Hand over one hundred thousand high-grade god sources, the things of the True Underworld God Race are not something that you practitioners of the lower realm can take, and you can hand them over with a little bit of acquaintance. Another strong said coldly.Hand it over, are you giving me a way out? Shanghai asked.Are you really stupid or fake? No matter if you are really stupid or fake, tell you the truth, hand it over, we will give you a happy one. If you don’t pay, we have ways to torture you slowly, which will make you worse than death. …It\’s death if you don’t have sex, and death if you don’t… Is this the style of your True Underworld God Race? Originally, it was for my mother\’s sake, leaving you alive, but now I have changed my mind… You people are not worthy of living at all. In the world. Shanghai took a step forward, and the original blue skin gradually returned to the color of wheat, and its appearance changed back to its original appearance.Seeing the change in Shanghai, the expressions of the two direct descendants of the True Underworld God Clan changed instantly.It\’s you……Shanghai……The two direct disciples of the True Underworld God Clan immediately increased their vigilance. They knew the strength of Shanghai. Of course, they were just vigilant. They were not afraid of Shanghai and Shenlong being destroyed. They thought it was only a god. Long underestimated the enemy.After all, Shanghai is an illegitimate child, and he grew up in the lower realm. Even if he reaches the second world the Great Perfection reincarnation, the true combat power may not be stronger than them. If they are only one person, they may choose to retreat, but Now they have two.If Shanghai is killed, the status of the two in the family will be greatly improved, and more than that, they may also be vigorously cultivated…Thinking of this, the hearts of the two suddenly became fiery.Shanghai, if you dare to deceive me and wait, you will definitely die.Die to us!When the two of them spoke, they immediately made a move. One move is full force, and the power of the second worldzun’s reincarnation mood is released. Coupled with the sixth-grade high-ranking magical skill, the power covers the area of ​​ten thousand miles, and everything is crushed. Everyone, compared with the strength of Shenlong in the past, was only a little worse.However, they don\’t know that Shanghai\’s current strength is far from what it could be compared to at the out……Shanghai has disappeared.


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