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\”Brother Tao, why don\’t you help linger? It was the bitch who showed mercy everywhere. She was seducing you, Shangguan\’s brother and my brother. It\’s normal for me to be angry.\” Hua linger, an unreasonable Lord, gave Yan Tao a headache and turned to her good brother Huachen for help.

Is it going to see the Taishi god pattern? another cultivator said excitedly.Taishi Shenwen is the treasure of Ancient Xuanzong’s Zhenzong. In this Nanling day, as long as it is an individual, everyone has heard of it, especially about the shocking deeds of the first generation of Ancient Xuanzong’s lord. Almost everyone knows it. A character who stands shoulder to shoulder with the King of God with the Nine Swords of Taishi.Shanghai couldn\’t help but cast his gaze. He was also quite curious about the Taishi god pattern. Although the rumors may have exaggerated the facts, it was enough to explain the special nature of the Taishi god pattern. He also wanted to see it.Experience the Taishi god pattern?An ancient Xuanzong disciple sneered and said: \”Do you think Taishi God Run is so good to see? Let alone you, since we joined the sect, we have never had a chance to see Taishi God Run.\”After a speech, a huge wave was immediately shocked, and the cultivators present could not help being surprised.Why?I\’m not saying, as long as you enter the mountain gate, you can go to see the Taishi god pattern?What I said before is false?Some cultivators showed dissatisfaction. They worked so hard to pass the entrance test. They just wanted to see the Taishi Divine Rune, but they were told that they couldn\’t see it. Would they be dissatisfied?Don\’t make a noise. The Gu Xuanzong disciple headed by glared at the crowd, and the latter suddenly closed his mouth, but his face was still full of displeasure.What I said before is true. The key is that you have to have enough ability to see the Taishi God Run. The Taishi God Run is the treasure of our sect. It is a stunning artifact left from the ancient times. Don\’t talk about you. , Even if we go and take a look, it might be wiped out on the spot.what……Taishi Divine Mark contains amazing power, which is not something that I can bear. Therefore, if you want to see it, you must pass a test. If you can pass the previous test, you may have this qualification.Chapter 1166 Sword PassThe trail became wider and wider, and as it continued to deepen, the surrounding trees gradually disappeared. There was only a wide road that stretched to the distance. Even with the perception and spiritual knowledge of the cultivators present, they could not perceive the existence of this road. How far away, because no matter how much spiritual consciousness is released, it is difficult to detect the edge, as if stepping into the vast starry sky.Regarding the behavior of the cultivators present, the two ancient Xuanzong disciples did not stop them, with an inexplicable smile on their lips.Suddenly, bang! The spiritual consciousness of many cultivators was hit hard, and there was a pain in the head, and their faces suddenly turned pale. The mysterious power spreading everywhere shook their spiritual consciousness almost shattered.Have you suffered? a disciple of Ancient Xuanzong smiled.This is one of the hundred kendos, developed by the ancestors, and contains a very high level of wonder. The cultivators below the gods dare not explore it at will. Fortunately, your spiritual consciousness is not high, otherwise it is not that simple. Suffer a bit.


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