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\”I\’m not embarrassed. Really, I don\’t believe it. Look.\” Jane Xi took out several jade bottles and opened the lid for everyone to see. After that, she heard a breath.

Old Monster Nantian\’s cheeks trembled, \”Your method is too naive. Killing my grandson will undoubtedly kill you. However, this god will give you a chance to survive. If you can do these things, you will not only be able to make You survive, and you can even come into my sect and become a direct disciple.\”I killed your grandson, but you want to give me a chance to survive? Are you playing as a child? Shanghai said.What\’s the matter of dying a grandson, Nan Xi, this kid is not a weapon, the god will spoil him, just because this kid knows how to make the god will be happy, the heirs of the god will at least thousands, die. It won\’t break the inheritance. Old Monster Nantian was full of indifference.It can be seen in Shanghai that the old monster Nantian was just a little angry about Nan Xi’s death, but he was not too focused. This kind of indifferent family attitude is enough to see that the old monster Nantian is a low-hearted and unjust person. Sanming tells the story of the three people back then.In order to reach a higher level and swallow treasures alone, the Nantian Boss did not hesitate to kill the two of them.Obviously, he has a lot of usefulness to Boss Nantian, so he didn\’t plan to kill himself so soon.Boss Nantian is a guy who makes plans only for his own benefit. Shanghai doesn\’t know what Boss Nantian wants to do with him, but it will definitely not be a good thing, but does he have a choice now? There is no choice at all, but one step at a time.At this time!Shanghai felt that the terrifying spiritual sense invaded his body. This spiritual sense was as vast as the sky. What\’s more amazing was that the degree of cohesion was no less than that of the gang sense after he had practiced the seventh-level Tiangang sacred formula. Obviously, the invading spiritual sense was Nan Tian is weird.Immediately!With a movement of divine thought, it quickly covered the original memory. There are many hidden things about the ancient demon sacred body, and Shanghai has completely covered it, leaving only some insignificant things, of course, there are also in the wild world. Some bizarre things encountered inYou actually came up from the world…The look of Old Monster Nan Tian suddenly became weird, \”Your body is different from ordinary people, and the power of God is extremely powerful. The physique, as well as the special physique, is it the blood of Primordial blood?\”Although it was a guess, Old Monster Nantian had already guessed a lot of things, and being able to cultivate to the level of a general is definitely not something ordinary people can compare.Regardless of your origin, with your potential, it is very suitable for that thing… The old Nantian\’s eyes flashed and he stared at Shanghai shiningly.What the hell is it?At that time, I will tell you, while waiting to go, don\’t even think about running. Once you make a difference, even if you run to a hundred million miles away, the original general can kill you with one blow. The old Nantian said coldly. After throwing away Shanghai, he immediately hung in the sky. Hei Mang got in through his seven holes, and then turned out from the seven holes, obviously healing his injuries.The Nantian Boss did not imprison Shanghai.This move made Shanghai more vigilant, because it showed that Old Monster Nantian had enough confidence to capture himself again at the moment he set off. In that case, it would be meaningless to run away now.Shanghai is thinking, do you want to do it now…


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