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\”Oh, needless to say, it\’s nothing. Xiaoyu is very close to you. At the first sight of you, he has to let me save you.\” it wasn\’t Xiaoyu who wanted to save you again and again. Maybe Jane Xi said whether to save or not.

Don\’t worry, I have opened the transmission gap. Zheng Haoran smiled slightly, and immediately waved his sleeve.Tian Qi nodded slightly, and immediately led more than 300 gods to the ancient teleportation formation.Wow!The ancient teleportation array opened on the spot, and various rays of light rose in the sky, about to penetrate the sky, but was suddenly blocked by the erected barrier. All the rays of light were suppressed and could not penetrate out. I saw Zheng Haoran being so cautious. Arrangement, Nantian Boss and others can\’t help but nod slightly.It\’s better to be more careful, so that there won\’t be too much trouble.After the teleportation formation was completely opened, Tian Qi and the others took the lead in it, Zheng Haoran didn\’t say anything, and then slid into it. Nantian Old Monster and others looked at each other and stepped in one after another.Lin Xiaozi, this teleportation formation will not be weird, right? Dugu Sansheng said uncertainly. Although he was not afraid of death, he was killed for fear of unknown, and he died in the most hated enemy Nantian Boss. In the hand, it would be wronged.It shouldn\’t be. If you want to make a move, Boss Nantian would have made a move. Why wait until now. Shanghai shook his head.You are so courageous, how dare you cooperate with these old guys…Dugu Sanming glanced at Shanghai with a weird look. The more he gets along with this kid, the more he feels the extraordinaryness of this kid. The three worlds dare to stand alongside a group of gods and generals. Although there is a trump card of the evil god, he is courageous. It\’s too big.Shanghai didn\’t say anything, anyway, he didn\’t worry, because his spirit was covered in the sea of ​​consciousness of Qingblade, and he could be the first to perceive the danger through Qingblade\’s perception. Obviously, Zheng Haoran and others did not act in the teleportation formation.Immediately, Shanghai led the Cthulhu to step into it first, Dugu Sansheng hesitated, gritted his teeth, and stepped into out……The streamers of various colors flashed by at a very fast speed, as if they had been shuttled for a long time, and it was like a moment, which lasted for almost half a month. The streamer slowed down, and the figures of Shanghai and others began to recover. , And finally landed on top of a floating strange black stone.Boom boom boom…There was a burst of bombardment in the distance, and I saw more than 300 gods under the leadership of Tianqi, constantly bombarding the dark void in front of them. These voids were extremely solidified, like chunks of huge rocks, being bombarded to pieces. After cracking, it turned into black fragments and floated around.As for Zheng Haoran and others, they stood in front of the strange black stone, staring solemnly at Tianqi and the others outside the black stone.Huh? The Shanghai Spiritual Mind was released, but when it touched the black stone, his face suddenly changed, because there is a terrifying cutting power outside the black stone, once falling into it, it will definitely be instantly Chopped.However, Tian Qi and the others were able to survive and survive outside the Black Stone, which made Shanghai quite strange, and the divine mind immediately covered the past.Huh?


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