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\”I thought that she must have gone to the Dan teachers\’ Guild. She -\” Hua linger\’s voice suddenly sounded, but then she stopped suddenly after seeing Huachen, Yan Tao and Shangguan\’s cold face.

A crisp voice sounded, and the exquisite jade coffin that was attached to the small tripod suddenly bloomed with a peculiar jade brilliance, and this brilliance quickly enveloped Lan Yi’s body. The original white long yarn seemed to be transparent. The color, the beautiful body is looming.In such a scene, even Shanghai couldn’t help being stunned. He suddenly didn’t know whether to look away or not. The main reason was that he was attracted. It was difficult to move away. In the end, he turned his eyes away. I just met Lan Yi.Immediately afterwards, all these jade brilliance were submerged in Lan Yi\’s body, and the snow-white veil covered her graceful body, and her expression slowly recovered, and a trace of disappointment flashed across her eyes.I haven\’t recovered a little memory? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.No! Lan Yi shook his head helplessly, \”but I learned what this thing is. It is the treasure of my ancient clan. I will take it back first. It is because I owe you a favor. I will give you the opportunity to compensate.\” After finishing speaking, she didn\’t wait for Shanghai to speak, but she only picked her finger.呲…The originally tough and exquisite jade coffin suddenly turned into running water and plunged directly into her fingers. The brilliance of the jade once again enveloped her, but this time the snow-white veil did not disappear. In the blink of an eye, the exquisite jade coffin was completely Submerged in her body, and the jade quality brilliance gradually converged.When Shanghai was about to say something, there was a sudden bang, and the whole hall trembled violently. Then there was a deafening cry outside. The hall tilted, and the two people slid toward the inclined side, quickly urging the momentum. Stop the slip.what happened?The two of Shanghai and Lan Yi looked at each other, their expressions changed slightly, and then there was a thunderous horror sound, a breath of terrifying power permeated, the hall was shaking violently, and the small enchantments inside seemed to be difficult to support, one after another. Exploded.Isn\’t it the beginning of the trial? Lan Yi\’s pretty face revealed a solemn expression.It\’s possible! Go out and see the situation. After Shanghai finished speaking, he moved directly towards the hall. Suddenly, the hall plummeted downwards, and the speed of falling was surprisingly fast. Below, the bones all over his body were crushed and rattled.Such a strong falling power…Shanghai\’s expression changed slightly, and even his ancient demon sacrament was under such great pressure, let alone other cultivators. Obviously, the main hall was falling downwards at a rapid speed, and his body was moving quickly, and it had already swept outside the main hall for a moment. At this moment, it was messy and miserable outside.The ground was shattered, and there were even a lot of cracks on the ground. Many small monsters had been shaken to death.One hundred and thirty-five young powerhouses have already swept outside the hall, along with the deacon Hengze, the four deacons and the other deacons. Everyone’s eyes were surprised, and some were terrified. Above the sky, I saw the Golden Winged Roc was fighting with an unknown beast. This beast had only one head stretched out. The head was huge and extremely ugly. It had only a big mouth, as if it had no eyes. Snake head.What kind of beast is this…That\’s Shura Dragon… Deacon Hengze said in a deep voice.Sura Dragon?A kind of ancient fierce beast, the strength is extremely terrible, in the ancient era, it was the most murderous fierce beast, this beast is extremely powerful, not much worse than the temple guardian beast. Hengze said in a deep voice.


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