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He already knew that night that Jianxi was just walking with them. He had no deep friends. Their destinations were Tonghua mainland. Jianxi was not familiar with here, so he went the same way.

Thank you seniors for your help.Little friend is polite.After the nameless old man finished speaking, he turned into a strong suffocation of heaven and earth, wrapped Shanghai Tuantuan, and suddenly rose into the sky.I didn\’t feel the sensation of flying by, and in a flash, after Shanghai reacted, he had already arrived at a teleportation formation, and the strong suffocation of heaven and earth also turned back to the nameless old man.Ten years ago, there was also a person and a little friend who broke into the third floor alone like this. I also helped him and sent him to this place. The nameless old man said slowly: \”This person should still be in the Heavenly God Temple. If you can meet him, you can ask him for help.\”Ten years ago… Shanghai Yi Lin.Before he entered the black prison, he had indeed heard that there was a person who had entered the third level of the black prison, and he had stayed for a few hours. The nameless old man should be that person, and now this person is ranked No. Two people, Shanghai didn\’t think too much about asking for help later.Senior, goodbye. Shanghai arched his hands.Little friend, be careful.After speaking, Shanghai stepped into the teleportation formation, and his body disappeared in a flash.Just after leaving, a huge figure slowly emerged from the depths of the black prison. This man was a middle-aged man, filled with terrifying flames, and even the evil spirit that enveloped the world was affected by this. The flames burned completely.You finally woke up… the nameless old man said without looking back.Yeah! The middle-aged man nodded slightly and said blankly: \”That person is just that person, I know him.\”You know? There was a hint of surprise on the unsung look of the nameless old man, \”You come from the spirit world, how would you know him?\”He also came from the spirit world. I used to be the son of an opponent. This son is not bad enough. He has a long history with my daughter…the princess of my clan. The middle-aged man said loudly.No wonder the princess will be troubled, it turns out that it is because of this person…The nameless old man squinted his eyes. The body originally condensed by evil spirits gradually became solid. His physique was not the slightest old, on the contrary, his body was extremely strong. On the back of his head, there was a curved sole. Horn.The terrifying power that shook the wasteland emerged from his body, and if there was a god king here, he would definitely be surprised, because it was a god king level power.Do you want to kill him? the middle-aged man said in a deep voice.No, if you do it now, it will alarm the Temple of Heaven. My clan has just recovered, and the strength is not enough to contend with the four imperial palaces, but the princess\’s heart and soul must be solved as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect the awakening of our clan emperor…


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