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The fourth level miraculous medicine material is also precious, so Jian Xi no longer purified the three strains together as before, but carried out them one by one.

It is impossible…Gu Feng\’s pupils were covered with bloodshot eyes. He had completely lost his mind, and walked directly towards the eighty-fifth floor. Just as his footsteps were about to fall, a loud bang came, and he could no longer bear it. The whole body shook suddenly, from the chest to the limbs, and then to the head, a dense crack suddenly appeared. If this step is taken, it will inevitably explode and die.go back!A voice full of extreme majesty came, and Luo Yue, who was on the ninety-fourth floor, turned his head. He was originally peaceful. At this moment, his eyes were full of shocking coldness, full of majesty, and it contained people. Irresistible, I saw him wave his sleeve.chant……Gu Feng\’s figure was actually shaken back by four steps, unbiased, and landed on the 80th floor, supported by the two ruthless people. At this moment, he regained some consciousness, his body was cracked, his eyes were Looking at the top blankly, although the gaze towards Shanghai was full of hatred and anger, it was also full of fear.Although there is only a trace of fear, the image of Shanghai is deeply carved into his heart. From today onwards, Shanghai will be his life\’s shackles. If he can\’t break this shackle, he will never be able to step into a higher realm forever. .certainly!This was not done by Shanghai, but was caused by Gu Feng\’s own arrogance. If he didn\’t go to Shanghai and compare it to Shanghai, there would not be such a problem.very scary……Shanghai looked at Luo Yue solemnly.Although it only shook the Gu Feng back to the 80th floor, in the eyes of others, it was nothing, but it also scored points. This place is the hall of the divine emperor, not only the emperor\’s prestige, but also the emperor\’s pattern. If you shoot here, it will definitely affect Emperor Wen first.Regardless of who you are, the Emperor Rune will release terrifying power once you are affected. The first thing the person who shoots has to endure is the power of the Emperor Rune, and the higher the number of layers, the denser the Emperor Rune, to the 80th floor. Above, even the god king dare not act arbitrarily here.Luo Yue is located on the 95th floor. The emperor patterns there are more than three times denser than the 88th floor where Shanghai is. Under such dense emperor patterns, Luo Yue dares to make a move, although It just shook Gu Feng back, but it still evoked some imperial patterns.The power of these emperor patterns was enough to severely injure the god king, but Luo Yue had to bear it, and he had not suffered any harm.Looking at Luo Yue, Shanghai has a feeling that this person\’s ability is not under the emperor Shengtianzhi. The emperor Sheng Tianzhi is one of the heirs of the four great imperial palaces. Luo Yue still has such a patience. No wonder the ruthless young powerhouses with great aptitude are willing to bow to him.At this time!Luo Yue cast her gaze, although her expression remained the same, but the pair of eyes covered with cold stars contained terrifying power, like a natural superior looking down on the common people underneath, some of them have reached the fifty or sixty level He raised his eyes and looked over. When Luo Yue\’s gaze was touched, he couldn\’t help but quickly move away. Some even turned pale with cold sweat on their heads.Even the ruthless three dared not look at Luo Yue at this moment.On the contrary, Shanghai did not evade, and looked straight at Luo Yue, and a domineering power emerged from him.


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