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The man didn\’t expect that she, a monk in the middle of Yuanying, dared to do it by herself, which was only one step away from his out of body period. She was really bold, and her face was mixed with a trace of anger.

The iron-blooded practitioner who has experienced countless bloody battles and life and death has never feared anything, but this time, his heart trembled.Punch!Bang!He smashed the first iron-blooded cultivator fiercely, and those iron-blooded cultivators behind him hurriedly approached, but how could Shanghai give them a chance? The power of that punch exploded in this iron-blooded cultivator’s sea of ​​energy. The entire sea of ​​Qi was crushed by the terrifying physical force.The first iron-blooded cultivator was abolished, and there was a subtle and imperceptible change in the 100,000 iron-blooded cultivators. This change may not be noticed by others, but how can Shanghai not notice it? It is a crack, the whole crack.These powerful players who fight with their overall strength have terrible advantages and terrible disadvantages, that is, once the whole is cracked, it will be completely broken like a complete crystal, and there will be no possibility of completeness in a short time…kill!Shanghai rushed into the Jagged Cultivator, waving his arms.Boom boom boom…Wherever he went, no matter it was the iron-blooded cultivator, or the strong ones, all were shaken out.What is called push and dryness, in front of me is like a big tree that has long been decayed, being cut by a sharp and extremely sharp blade…Chapter 1450 UnfathomableA beautiful shadow quickly swept into the Palace of Thousand Nights. It was the woman in silver and gold gauze. This goddess still carried the shock that has not disappeared for a long time.Master Qianye! The voice of the woman in silver and gold gauze was trembling.What\’s going on? How, where did the person who took part in the road to the heavens go? A lazy voice sounded from the jade pond, and the tone was extremely flat.Five hundred miles! The woman in silver and gold gauze squeezed out such a sentence, and it was suddenly difficult to conceal the tremor in her voice.Five hundred miles?The lazy voice in the Yuchi disappeared, and replaced by a slight strange one, \”It seems that we have all miscalculated, but it is not too surprising. Based on this person\’s ability, if you rush for it, you can still rush to five. Baili’s, but the price should not be small, how is this person now?\”Return to Lord Qianye, it is not one person, but two… the woman in silver and gold gauze could not help but said.Two? The voice in Yuchi was surprised.


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