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Sure enough, the two friars looked at each other and looked like this. Sure enough, the fourth level alchemist, who is not 100 years old, has a bright future! \”Master, I\’ll take you there. You go with me,\” said the friar on the right. He hurriedly took the lead and walked forward. Neither of them mentioned that Jane Xi was still carrying a child, as if he hadn\’t seen it.

Yes!Return to the elders, what happened is like this… Mo Yu will say what he has seen and heard after entering the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace. The elder\’s expression suddenly changed, and his face was full of horror.Wait, you said that there are two quasi-god emperors fighting in this Extreme Ice Emperor Palace? Elder Yang asked.Yes! Mo Yu nodded affirmatively.Immediately the four elders looked at each other, their expressions showing shock and surprise, they did not continue to intervene, but communicated with divine thoughts.What\’s next? Elder Yang asked.Next is…Mo Yu said that the two quasi-divine emperors disappeared, and then Xing Luo and the evil king suddenly appeared, taking advantage of the unpreparedness of the ancient king and the holy emperor, severely wounding them, and then Xing Luo took the main imperial weapon halberd and wanted everyone Exterminate, including Mo Yu and others.Nonsense, how can Xingluo kill you? The elder of the Hall of Law Enforcement said angrily: \”Mo Yu, although you are a young league, you can\’t fabricate this out of thin air.\”Elder Law Enforcement, what Mo Yu said is true. If it weren\’t for Brother Lin, I would have fallen inside. Mo Yu\’s tone was also a little angry.Senior Brother Mo said, I can be sure. Qianye also said.The two young leagues were in the League of the Gods, their status was not low, and what they said would naturally have weight. The elder of the Hall of Law Enforcement was suddenly speechless and didn\’t know how to refute them.If it is determined according to the words of Mo Yu, it is that Xingluo violated the law of the perish alliance first. It is already a serious crime to kill the alliance strong, let alone attempt to kill the two young alliances, which is enough. Sentenced to death.Nephew Mo, you said that Xing Luo wants to kill you, has he already done it? Elder Yin said suddenly.Hear the words!Both Elder Splitting Sky and Mo Yu both felt uncomfortable. Originally thought that the second elder Yin and Yang had come out to preside over justice, but now it seems that it is a bit uncomfortable.Two nephews, can Xing Luo do something to you? Elder Yang said.Not yet, but… Mo Yu took a deep breath and said.That\’s right, since Xingluo didn\’t do anything to you, then why did he violate the law of the Alliance of the Fallen Gods? He just talked about it verbally, but he may not necessarily do so, so Xingluo still cannot convict him, let alone, if Xingluo Luo has such a crime, and others should not intervene. Instead, they should be captured first, and then handed over to the Palace of Law Enforcement for processing. Elder Yang said in a deep voice.Hearing these words, the expressions of Mo Yu became hard to look at. Elder Yang’s words simply distorted the original facts. In other words, the appearance of the two elders of Yin and Yang was not an accident, but may have been long since. Well established.


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