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\”Oh? What are all these things? Only after I\’ve seen them can I give my little friend an explanation.\” old Cui poured a cup of spirit tea for Jane Xi, and Jane took a sip. \”It\’s really good. It\’s completely different from her own collection, even better.\” Jane Xi couldn\’t help but have a trace of envy.

stop!Qingxue\’s right hand crossed, and he drank the high level of Blood Demon City. Although his gaze was on Yin Long and the others, he was only focused on one person. It was the silver-haired young man whose eyes were clear. There was a deep jealousy.Primordial gods and demon, the order is strict, although the high level of the blood demon city is furious, but they dare not listen to Qingxue\’s order, and immediately converges all their strength.Qingxue, long time no see. Yin Long said in a deep voice.It\’s been a long time indeed. Qingxue snorted softly.I\’m here this time. Young Master Lin saw you and discussed some things with you. Yin Long said, and then stepped back a little bit. Even the two lieutenants looked respectful. People have always respected them. Once they show the power to admire them, then the Primordial Gods and Demons will respect them from the bottom of their hearts.This action is nothing to ordinary people, but it is very different in the eyes of blue blood. What does this show? Yin Long had already surrendered. In other words, the silver-haired young man in front of him had already subdued Yin Long.A top-ranked barren pattern master…It is also extremely rare in the Primordial Era. Today, in this era, the Qingxue does not know the top-level barren pattern master very much. I only know that the rumored barren pattern master knows how to use various barren patterns to strengthen himself, although Shanghai is not He was only at the seventh level, but Qingxue didn\’t dare to underestimate it.I wonder if Young Master Lin has anything to discuss?Do one thing for me. Shanghai said.Do things for you?The blue blood expression sank, \”Young Master Lin, are you sure you are joking? You are a human cultivator, and we are ancient gods and demons, and we are not of a different race. How can we help you do things.\”We are just trading, if you don\’t want to, forget it. Of course, if you want, I will pay you.What\’s the reward?Let you get more.Let me get more? Young Master Lin, is this a joke too much? Qing Xue said.Shanghai didn\’t say anything. With a flick of his hand, an ancient pattern staggered out. In an instant, his aura more than tripled.The blue veins on Qingxue\’s forehead couldn\’t help but jump, and then, the second ancient pattern appeared again, and Shanghai\’s momentum soared more than four times, which made the complexion of Qingxue suddenly change, because it was not over yet, the ancient lines The lines are constantly interlaced.By the time the Twenty Dao, Qingxue and the high-level officials of the Blood Demon City were already bloodless, because the aura of Shanghai had already brought them a threat. Looking at Shanghai’s light and breezy appearance, it is obvious that there is still The rest of the ancient lines exist.


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