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Take it out to the kitchen. The girl is drinking dumpling soup.

Of course there is a difference. The old Huntian Emperor Palace is said to have existed since the ancient times. According to legend, Huntian Emperor Zun really lived in the place. As for the new one, it was built by later generations. Something happened, and I don’t know what happened, which caused the Huntian Emperor Palace to split, and then regrouped together.The black-robed old man said: \”These are all past events, but I can be sure that there is a special crack in this old Huntian Emperor Palace.\”Are you sure? Shanghai asked.If I\’m not sure, how can the two of me take the risk? Although our strength is average, I still have hundreds of thousands of years to live. If I practice with great concentration, I have the opportunity to hit even higher. If it weren\’t for 20% My brothers will not take the chance to come here. said the black robe old man.Staring at the two old men in black robes, the eye to the sky in Shanghai has been opened. Their every move, including the subtle expressions and movements, can\’t be concealed from him. Obviously, what the old man in black robes said should be correct, and his expressions are also correct. There is nothing unusual, but there is something wrong with Shanghai\’s perception. Obviously, the old man in black robe just said half of the words, but the other half didn\’t speak out.According to many inquiries during this period of time in Shanghai, in the upper heavens of the gods, there will be strong people going to the fairyland all year round to meet the so-called fairyland, but there are very few who can really enter the fairyland, and most of them are near the fairyland. Just found some chances, none of them can get into the fairyland.But there are no absolutes in the world, maybe someone has actually entered it, but it\’s just not telling it.Seeing that Shanghai was a little tempted, the black-robed old man continued: \”Does the Daoist have forgotten that event four thousand years ago? A couple of men and women have entered the fairyland and once came out.\”A couple…four thousand years ago… Shanghai\’s pupils shrank suddenly.The man and woman entered through the Emperor Huntian Palace.How do you know they entered from the Emperor Huntian Palace? Shanghai stared at the black robe old man, his eyes scorching hot.I didn\’t know originally, but nobody knew. But in an accident, I met a fellow Taoist. This fellow Taoist asked me to find someone to send him to Wonderland. I asked You San to help him. Originally it was nothing, but I unexpectedly discovered that there was a fairyland aura on this person, which was very weak, but the method I practiced was quite special, so I could detect it, and it left a special mark on him.The black-robed old man said: \”Later I discovered that he was the man among the men and women. It is said that he hadn\’t even reached the realm of the King of Gods before he entered, but after coming out and returning, he actually reached the same level as mine. In the realm of the world, just over four thousand years…\” Speaking of the back, the eyes of the black-robed old man showed incomparable scorching heat.Shanghai didn\’t pay any attention to this. At this moment, he made a great disturbance in his heart, because the man was not someone else, but his father.At that time in the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace, Shanghai saw him, but I didn’t know what happened afterwards. Later, I learned from Chi Yue, the lord of the Fallen God, that his father had rushed back to the upper heaven of the gods, and said My mother was trapped, and finally realized that she was trapped in Wonderland.If the black-robed old man said the truth, then his father, the Ling general minister, should have entered the immortal territory through the Emperor Huntian Palace.When I think of my parents, Shanghai\’s mood cannot be suppressed.Sudden!An extreme sense of crisis arose spontaneously. Shanghai felt the sea of ​​consciousness exploded. The terrifying soul power actually rushed into the sea of ​​consciousness, and the two old men in black robes became distorted. The ugly old face emerged.Jie Jie…we meet again. The old man\’s face was distorted, his pupils were even more faint green, and there was a dazzling luster on it.

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