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Then the old lady put the rest into the cabinet, pulled out a few candy bars and gave them to her grandchildren, hurry out, don\’t make trouble here!

The first demon emperor Zhe Yu laughed extremely madly, \”I didn\’t lose, I didn\’t lose. Even if I die, you won\’t be able to survive, and you will eventually make someone else\’s wedding dress.\”Even if I die, I will die behind you. Shanghai hit it with a punch.The body of the first demon emperor Zheyu is the toughest in the world, comparable to the body of a dragon, but under this fist, it is actually unable to resist. He can only watch the fist penetrate his body and hide it directly. The core of the heart burst in the deepest part.The situation you set… is not yet complete… is destined to make wedding dresses for others… The first demon emperor Zhe Yu gritted his teeth and said, his body burst open suddenly, and the vast power burst out, endless power. Swept all corners of the sky.I don\’t know how many creatures were swept away, the endless flesh and blood was shattered, turned into a bit of blood, soaring into the sky, and injected into the world of heaven and earth. I saw the whole world of heaven and earth rumbling and turning, and the blood of many creatures poured into it, causing a drastic change in the world of heaven and earth.The figure of the first demon emperor Zhe Yu was sucked into the situation of heaven and earth, even in Shanghai, as well as the rest of the people, all figures were injected into the situation of heaven and earth. The whole world of heaven and earth was completely bloody, dense cracks appeared in the sky, and everything went into a state of destruction.Click, click…There were a lot of cracks in Shanghai\’s body, which were the scars of the fairy demon, even the body of the dragon demon could not repair these cracks, and his vitality was disappearing little by vain!In the depths of the sky, a body emerged.That was Daochu\’s body. This body was extremely thick and full of ancient aura. Seeing this body, Shanghai\’s pupils showed a complex color, and at that moment he felt a familiar and extremely evil aura. , I haven\’t felt this breath for many years.He\’s coming… A vague voice came, and a figure appeared on the side of Shanghai. It was the dragon mother. Besides the dragon mother, there was another person who was a dragon who was missing. Xie Zhizun, that is, Leng Yihang, still has white hair, and his whole body is extremely cold.What should appear is still to appear… Leng Yihang\’s voice trembled. From that body, he felt the threat of death. It was an irresistible force, not a force in this world.Is it the source of evil?There were endless vicissitudes in Shanghai\’s eyes. At the moment Mu Ningxue died, all his memories were awakened, and he understood everything.At first, when I saw Mu Ningxue\’s first life, Shanghai, as an immortal, moved with strange thoughts. This alienation turned into a source of evil. The original source of evil was very weak. Shanghai did not kill it, but let it go, because this source of evil was formed by his body and was considered a part of him.The source of evil has been lurking since Taikoo. Every time Shanghai is reborn, the source of evil appears once.In the second life-when the Taoist ancestor was in the early days, at the moment when the world was transformed, the evil source shot once, causing the source to be shattered, everything was destroyed, and the dragon mother\’s new body also fell into the world.In the third generation-at the time of Emperor Huntian, the source of evil turned into the strongest of the immortal survivors, invading the immortal survivors, causing the emperor Huntian to leave angrily, and was isolated from the fairy forever.In the fourth life, when the Emperor Taishi, the beloved was killed by the enemy who was transformed by the evil source.

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