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After all, they didn\’t speak ill of the Li family. The cold Li family actually gave gifts, which made them very embarrassed.

This time, our family of three came to thank Jian Xi. We have been to Cang Xinyu\’s home. My daughter\’s life was saved by sun and Cang Xinyu. On behalf of my wife and daughter, I thanked Jian Xi. Wu Songnian stood up from the sofa. Solemnly bowed to Jane Xi, which surprised Jane Xi to react. She got up very quickly and flashed to one side, so fast that other people\’s eyes were just a flower. Jane has been on the other side. Wu Songnian straightened up and was stunned, but what made him even more surprised was that when he bowed down, he saw the ring on grandma Fang\’s finger and the square ring face, which was carved with strange patterns. This is Even though Wu Songnian has been in politics for many years, he has learned the Kung Fu of happiness and anger, but now his face changes again and again, like a chameleon, stunned, strange, surprised and so on. The rich expression is equivalent to the face change of Sichuan Opera. Before coming here, he asked his men to simply investigate Jian Xi and Cang Xinyu, because he clearly knew that Jia Lei was born with one level of cultivation, and that Jia Fei was the helper of the fifth level of cultivation the day after tomorrow, LV Qiang was the helper of the first level of cultivation the day after tomorrow, and a group of dozens of strong men. With such strength, Jia Lei even let Jian Xi be abandoned and stunned Jia Fei and LV Qiang, What kind of strength is it to beat the big man with dozens of numbers? They are only sixteen or seventeen years old. They are also top talents in the Fang family, but they come from the people. In a hurry, he can only simply investigate the background of Jian Xi and Cang Xinyu. They are all ordinary families and live with their grandparents. The martial arts of the two children seem to be derived from nothing, This made him puzzled. He had to wait until he sent someone to investigate in detail. But in front of her, the young grandmother was wearing a ring that could only be owned by their lineage, and the pattern of the ring should be a sign owned by important people in the lineage, but how could it appear here. When Fang Qiong saw her husband\’s unpredictable expression and stared at grandma Fang\’s hand, she also looked at the ring. She was very surprised. She also had one on her hand, but the pattern was much simpler. She knew that the word \”square\” would be engraved on the back of such a ring, while the pattern on grandma Fang\’s hand was too complicated, Only a few people in the family are qualified to wear it. How can it be worn by this young grandmother? When Wu Songnian and Fang Qiong\’s eyes focused on grandma Fang\’s hand, grandma fang had noticed it, but she didn\’t hide it until they were surprised that they had lost their attitude and took back their eyes by themselves. They gently and slowly said, \”secretary Wu, sit down and have a cup of tea first. Don\’t worry. If your husband and wife want to ask anything, just ask.\”. His grandson has stepped on this road and entered this circle. They can\’t avoid it anymore. Moreover, Wu Songnian and his wife have recognized the ring and put it away again, which is superfluous. Wu Songnian and his wife have no time to take into account Jane Xi\’s performance just now, and the whole attention has been focused on this matter. They picked up the teacup, took a sip and forced themselves to calm down until they were completely calm. After hesitating for a moment, Fang Qiong said softly, \”I don\’t know if it\’s convenient for Aunt Fang to show me the ring on your hand?\”. \”It doesn\’t matter, see.\” Fang Ruoyu smiled and wanted to take off the ring, but he failed several times, so he had to go to the bathroom and wipe some soap, so he reluctantly took it off and handed it to Fang Qiong. Fang Qiong and Wu Songnian both saw a clear trace of the ring shape on Fang Ruoyu\’s beautiful and delicate fingers. Even the fingers at that position seemed to be thinner. I think it was caused by wearing them for too many years. As like as two peas in the hand, the shape is very similar to the one on the hand. The pattern is much more complex, the carving is very fine, and the bottom of the square ring is carved out, with a square word inscribed. If you look closely at it, you can engrave the two words of \”if\” and \”Yu\” in the lower and lower corners of the word \”Fang\”. \”Ruoyu?\” Fang Qiong fell into thinking, and Wu Songnian also took the ring from his wife and looked at it carefully. He was more convinced of his judgment. According to the brief information he heard, the young grandmother in front of him was indeed Fang Ruoyu, \”who is she from the Fang family?\” Wu Songnian also wondered. After reading, he returned the ring to Fang Ruoyu, and Fang Ruoyu calmly took it over. There was no accident or dissatisfaction on her face, as if she knew their reaction. Jane Xi and grandpa Jane sat there silently, silent and silent. They all knew that grandma Fang\’s identity would be revealed today. Maybe this was what they had expected, but it came faster. Wu Songnian was silent for a moment. He still opened his mouth and asked, \”aunt, forgive us for our behavior just now. We are a little abrupt.\”. \”It doesn\’t matter. Maybe it\’s a matter of time. You\’re all descendants of the Fang family. Let you know, it\’s not a great event.\” grandma Fang\’s beautiful face ripples slightly. That\’s what she said. But if her grandson doesn\’t fix immortality, maybe her generation won\’t have any news from the Fang family, as if she was the monkey, Jumping out of the crack in the stone, her inner longing for her father was faintly reflected on her face. Looking at grandma Fang\’s complicated expression, Wu Songnian knew that there must be a story. Otherwise, such an important figure of the Fang family was wandering outside. How could he not have heard of it for so many years? \”I remember, you are the little princess\’ Fang Ruoyu \’who disappeared from the Fang family more than 40 years ago. I must have heard what my father mentioned.\” Fang Qiong suddenly shouted in surprise.

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