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Li Siyu carried the things he brought back to the Kang.

To everyone\’s surprise, Wang Mingfu brought a lot of fireworks to Xin Wei. Everyone was surprised when they saw the amazing number of packages. Seeing so many fireworks, everyone couldn\’t help but look forward to the camping. When a classmate in class 2 even brought a set of big audio equipment. This is another cheer for the students, two large buses. The volume of the box at the bottom is not small. Everyone put all materials and backpacks in and marked them. Jian Xi also made his own marks on the top of the five people. Ten minutes before departure, Jane Xi once again saw the three members of the family she had seen outside the examination room, her former colleagues and husband and wife. And their daughter Tongtong. After Tongtong got off the bus, her father took out a very good mountaineering bag, which was not too small but not too large, from the spare box and helped her get it into the spare box of the bus. Tongtong said goodbye to her father. When she turned around, she saw Jane Xi looking at them. Their eyes were opposite. Jane Xi was calm. But in Tongtong\’s eyes, there was a flash of different color. Jane Xi didn\’t pay much attention to her expression. She just felt some emotion again. She really didn\’t know each other. No one thought of it. Yuan Caiyi, who should have gone to hell, actually lives around them in another form. Tongtong\’s eyes turned away, no longer went to see Jane Xi, but immediately went to look for the figure that haunted her. But when her eyes finally found the man, her bright eyes suddenly darkened, because the man\’s eyes followed others. The man was Feng Donghai, and Feng Donghai had only Jian Xi in his eyes at this time. While chatting with his classmates, Yu Guang in the corner of his eyes always followed Jane Xi. Jane Xi felt something, but didn\’t care. It\’s time to count the number of people. There are 100 people, none less. Everyone gets on the bus one by one. Two buses don\’t sit according to the class, but sit casually. Intentionally or unintentionally, Feng Donghai and Jian Xi sit in the same car, and they sit in the row of Jian Xi. Because Feng Donghai and Tong Tong Tong also get on the car, the students of class 1 and class 2, A considerable part of them were in the same class before, so they were not strangers. Shortly after the car started, there was a heated conversation in the car. Everyone was very excited and the atmosphere was very warm. They went to a place with mountains and water. It\’s called lvtan. It\’s a beautiful place. It takes about four hours to drive. Not long after the car started, the sky became more and more gloomy. If the man sat against the window, Jane Xi was next to him, and behind Jane Xi was Yuanyuan. Huang Shanshan was in the same seat with Yuanyuan. In front of Jane Xi were Xin Yu and Xin Wei. On the other side of the passage, Feng Donghai sat on the other side of the row with Jane Xi, only one passage away from Jane Xi. Tongtong is sitting next to Feng Donghai. Most of the students in class 2 know that Tongtong has a special love for Feng Donghai, so no one will think it wrong when she sits next to Feng Donghai, but everyone knows that Feng Donghai has no intention of Tongtong. Feng Donghai is helpless. He knows that Tongtong is kind to him, but he can\’t like Tongtong like Jane Xi. It\’s a feeling that can\’t be replaced. He once made it clear to Tongtong face to face, but the girl is dead hearted and doesn\’t listen to what she says. Feng Donghai can\’t help it, so she let it go. She can think what she likes, Anyway, he won\’t respond to her. Such a response makes Tongtong sad, but he can\’t control himself not to approach him, think about him or see him. Jian Xi doesn\’t mean she can\’t understand Feng Donghai\’s intention. On the contrary, she can see too clearly, including Tongtong\’s eyes at Feng Donghai and Feng Donghai\’s attitude towards herself. Although she has adapted to her current identity and age, it doesn\’t mean that she can\’t accept the feelings of her peers similar to her current age, she can only treat Feng Donghai as a friend, It can\’t be connected with the love between men and women. In addition, there is also a part of the reason that Feng Donghai is destined to be just a mortal, and he can\’t always be with her. Such a thing is very cruel. For example, when they are both in their 60s and 70s, Jane Xi still looks beautiful, while her husband is old. It\’s strange for them to be together. Moreover, even if Jane Yi refined Tianxiang pill with Tianxiang fruit, they have always maintained a young state, but there are restrictions on longevity. Men will always return to dust and earth to earth from 100 to 120 years old, Do you want Jane to watch her relatives who have lived together for hundreds of years die? Jane Xi thinks it\’s too cruel for anyone, so she wants to prevent such things from happening. In other words, she won\’t find her lover among mortals. She can\’t stand watching one person grow old and lose her life, and these things happen right in front of her eyes. She remembered that she had seen a film in her previous life, which was foreign. She had forgotten most of the content. She only remembered a story. The heroine of the story seemed to be a thinking robot. Anyway, she would not grow old and die, while the man was a normal human. The heroine watched her husband gradually grow from youth to adulthood, to middle age, and then to old age, Until she was lying in the hospital bed and was about to die, the heroine\’s eyes were full of sadness and helplessness. Jane Xi still remembered that scene. She didn\’t think she was like this. Therefore, Feng Donghai\’s infatuation is doomed not to be rewarded. A trace of apology flashed in Jian Xi\’s eyes and took a look at Feng Donghai. Feng Donghai seems to have an induction to turn his head to the right and look at Jian Xi. At this time, Jian Xi has turned his head back. Feng Donghai just saw a side face looking out of the window. These are just small things that don\’t attract people\’s attention in a very short time. Jian Xi and Feng Donghai, as well as the surrounding Xinyu, Xinwei, Ruonan, Yuanyuan and Huang Shanshan, have become one. Everyone is happy to talk about what. Sometimes boys come and go, laughing and making noise, and the atmosphere is very harmonious. There are 100 students in the two classes and more than a dozen teachers of various subjects. At this time, there is no seriousness and strictness in the classroom. Five or six teachers in a car are also integrated with the students at the moment. They can no longer see their usual serious and serious appearance. They are older and need to be more stable. Several younger teachers have fought the landlord with their classmates in groups of three or five, Or just kidding, regardless of you and me. The best students and teachers in one of the two cars drove all the way to lvtan. Only half the way did some students get tired. Some people gradually stopped making noise and fell asleep on the back of their chairs. Of course, Jian Xi is not included in this list. It\’s very tired to sit and sleep. Jian Xi looks around. They are very energetic, which may be related to their special physique. Even though Xin Wei, Ruonan and Yuanyuan have low accomplishments, they are much stronger for ordinary people. These people are still energetic and have no impact, and Tongtong over there is also a little tired, Although it\’s hard to sit beside Feng Donghai and watch Feng Donghai pay attention to Jian Xi, it doesn\’t affect her communication with others. She is also a little beauty, but she can\’t compare with Jian Xi and Ruo Nan, but it doesn\’t affect the fact that she is also popular with boys. Along the way, she hasn\’t been ignored, but she seldom communicates with Jane Xi and alienates her intentionally or unintentionally. Jane Xi is helpless to this point. If she doesn\’t like it, she doesn\’t like it. She doesn\’t need to stick it on her hot face.

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