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Hearing the white face, the big guys looked at the old lady with bright eyes.

Under the same wishes of the two groups, soon their battlefield rose from the ground to the ground. Five figures crisscrossed in the air above the broad thorny ground, surrounded by a circle of Hooded people in black. Of course, the three shadows of black, red and blue are qijiehan star, ChiYan and Hu Li. Hu Li has done a good job in the information network of radiation areas in and around Danshi city. It is precisely because of his omnipresent eyes that qijiehan star can quickly calculate their traces. The thin and small old man has already suffered a heavy blow from knowing the sea, and his strength has been greatly reduced. In addition, ChiYan and Hu Li are the cultivation achievements in the later stage of getting out of the body. Although their strength is much worse than that of the thin and small old man, they are at the peak. In addition, they bully the more and bully the less. When this disappears and the other rises, they are actually equal to the thin and small old man. For a moment, ChiYan\’s fiery red giant sword, with its roaring and ferocious fire dragon, rushed at the thin old man. Hu Li in blue also had the silver like martial spirit in his hand, and also rolled up the silver whirlwind, wrapped around the thin old man like thousands of blades, as if to tear the old man into thousands of pieces. The old man turned himself into a black whip, but the mismatch of divine consciousness also led to the untimely and slow attack response. As a result, he kept more and attacked less, and his spiritual power was consumed very quickly. Before long, he was unable to support himself. He began to throw a elixir into his mouth. ChiYan and Hu Li were excited on their handsome faces of different styles. Fighting in this state is the best way for them to refine their hands and improve their strength. Therefore, they are not in a hurry to kill the thin old man and their opponents in the stage of turning into God. Under normal conditions, they are not such monks in the stage of getting out of the body who can provoke at will. What a rare opportunity! However, the more excited they fought, the more their morale became like a flood. For a moment, all kinds of sonic booms and colorful spiritual power explosions in the air made the black clothes in the outer ring dizzy. The Qijie letter star in black and the old man with white eyebrows and white beards also fought like a raging fire. At this time, the fight was as smooth as ChiYan and Hu Li. The old man with white eyebrows and white beards also felt this. He couldn\’t help feeling a little heavy in his heart. The woman didn\’t know where she had been taken, Looking at the opponent in front of us, the stronger the Vietnam War, the stronger the heart of retreat has been raised, leaving the green mountains, and the mind of not afraid of no firewood has also climbed to the heart. Because of his retreat intention, his attack also inadvertently had a flaw. Although it was so small, his opponent Qi Jiehan star found out, and he also found the other party\’s retreat intention from his attack. With that fleeting opportunity, the huge sword in Han Xing\’s hand suddenly exuded a huge momentum. Only this time, Then the attack of the old man with white eyebrows and white beard stopped. For such a tiny moment, that is, at that moment, the huge sword cleaved on the old man\’s shoulder, and a sad scream made the thin old man on the other side stumble under his feet. ChiYan and Hu Li had a tacit understanding and made a force at the same time, But the scream was made by the thin old man. The people in black outside looked dazzled at the wonderful fight between their boss and their two superiors, but after two screams, the white eyebrows and white whiskers were cut in half obliquely from the shoulder and fell into the thorns, while the thin old man over there turned into three parts from the chest and thigh root, and fell into the thorns. The battle was almost over at the same time, The two rings flew out of the thorns, but they were controlled by Han Xing. Although they flew to ChiYan and Hu Li, they were polite and accepted them one by one with a smile. After half an hour, a large number of people came here one after another. Looking closely, most of them were from Dan Shigong Association, including Liu Shengtao. Chapter 481 can\’t be found The vast thorny plain is full of dark green and strange thorns, clusters and clusters. Liu Shengtao, the elder Jing Yue, the seven elders Zhao Yan, and many friars of the law enforcement Hall of the Dan teachers\’ Association flew over it like lightning. \”Jing Changlao, didn\’t the president say why we were looking for the missing nun?\” the look of the seven elders\’ Zhao Yan revealed a trace of impatience, \”I\’m just a junior and only a level 4 alchemist. Although I belong to the guild, I don\’t need to spend so much manpower and material resources to find it. I don\’t think I\’m smart to be hijacked in the Danshi city. Otherwise, why don\’t I even excite the guild badge? If we find such fools, even if we don\’t find them, we won\’t have a big impact Loud \”. \”Seven elders, what are you talking about? No matter any alchemist in our guild, even the first-class alchemist, is also a member of the guild and the wealth of the guild. If they are like you, the reputation of the guild will gradually lose, and those talented alchemists will not willingly have any sense of belonging to the guild. The guild is composed of countless alchemists, But the premise is that the guild can provide them with a corresponding haven. \”Liu Shengtao hates Zhao Yan\’s indifferent attitude. Not to mention, the missing person has made great contributions to the whole alchemy world. Even if an ordinary alchemy master is missing, the guild should try its best to find it. Life wants to see people and death wants to see corpses. Even if it falls, the Dan master guild will try its best to trace the cause of the incident. If the alchemy master is innocent, the Dan master guild must find out the murderer and avenge him. This is also the fundamental reason why Yidan Shigong guild can stand xuanqiu star for so many years. Although the relationship between the eldest elder and Liu Shengtao is not good or bad, he still thinks of the guild wholeheartedly. Zhao Yan\’s remarks made him frown: \”elder Zhao, do you know why this matter shocked the president who usually doesn\’t care about these mundane things?\” Zhao Yan also understood something in his heart, but he still felt that the president had gone too far, so he defended: \”it\’s not a genius who participated in the fairy grass secret place. There are too many such talents in the whole continent, just under the age of 30. Now there are more than 4000 left. If one is lost, it won\’t turn upside down like this.\”. \”You\’re wrong. It\’s not only because the friar is a genius who entered the fairy grass secret place, but also because he was lost under the eyes of our Dan Martial Arts Association. Do you know what this means?\” the elder Jing Yue stared at Zhao Yan with bright eyes. Zhao Yan\’s eyes dodged and said, \”where is missing? It\’s not missing. The result is the same.\”.

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