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After more than half an hour, Li Siyu finally slowed down, but he still walked and couldn\’t stand stably.

Really? Jane Xi, if I knew you would come to the door, I would directly recommend you to enter the door when you came out of the secret place. Why bother so much? long linger said angrily. \”It doesn\’t matter. The results are not the same. I just have something to go back to the low-level mainland. I happen to be selecting disciples there, so I went to take part in the assessment. It doesn\’t waste anything. The sub clan assessment of xuantianzong there is also very fair, so we are destined to be together in the end,\” Jane Xi said with a smile. Long linger took her hand and was about to say something, but she heard three bells. She gently spit out her tongue, pulled Jane Xi, took out two futons and put them on the ground. Jane Xi looked down at the two futons on the ground. Unexpectedly, they were woven from the top ice jade grass. The ice jade grass itself would emit a faint fragrance. This fragrance would make people clear and calm, Her mind is clear, she gets rid of distractions and concentrate. Anyway, there are many benefits. This ice jade grass can be used for alchemy and medicine. Because it is also a level-7 spirit grass, it is not common. Unexpectedly, she is just two futons woven with this spirit grass. It is extravagant, too extravagant. Although Jianxi secretly said that others were extravagant, her speed of sitting down was not slow at all. When they sat down quickly, Jianxi also found that she sat in the first row with long linger. Jane Xi\’s face was a little red. She was a new disciple. She shouldn\’t sit in the first row. She didn\’t see that the core disciples also sat in the fifth row. At best, she could only sit in the fifth row. Although her own cultivation was not low among them, she was new after all. She still understood the rules. She pulled long ling\’er and said, \”long ling\’er, it seems that I should sit in the back. In this way, it seems that I\’m not very good as a newcomer.\” Jane Xi pulled back the corners of her mouth and motioned long ling\’er. \”It\’s all right. If you stay with me, you can still sit in the back? Just stay here. No one dares to treat you like that.\” long linger doesn\’t care at all. Although people wear sect style clothes, they just wear her favorite pink French clothes. No one dares to treat her like that. Who makes their father the leader. Jane Xi picked her eyebrows and sighed secretly in her heart. She\’s all right. After that, someone must say that she\’s pretending to be a tiger, right? Chapter 578 focus Thank you for the reward from the \”tiger teeth in the suburbs of Beijing\”. Here you are to thank you ~ ~ \”don\’t care first, listen to the master\’s sermon first.\” Jane Xi gently shook her head, didn\’t care what others thought and said, and listened attentively to the master\’s sermon. This is the first time she has listened to someone\’s sermon since her practice. She said it strangely. Li Zhiyu glanced at Jane Xi and long linger around her without trace, opened his mouth and began to preach. Then the voice with special rhythm and solemnity filled the quiet crowd. It seemed that the voice had penetrated everyone\’s eardrums and entered his mind. The echo curled up and made people have endless aftertaste. \”What is Tao? Nature is the foundation of Tao, and nature is born and killed by nature. What is nature, that is, it is true and quiet. The Tao of nature is quiet, the Tao of heaven and earth invades, and the foundation of Tao is also the nature of human physics in heaven. Nature is Tao, constant is constant, and inaction is the extreme of emptiness and stillness. Therefore, \’Tao\’ is also called \’constant Tao\’.\” Jian Xi was so intoxicated that he threw his whole body and mind into Li Zhiyu\’s sermon. Wang Zhiyu occasionally looked at the smallest disciple now, and he was very satisfied. The state of everyone sitting on the ground at the bottom was also under his observation. Many disciples behind showed a confused color on their faces and didn\’t know their meaning. Li Zhiyu shook his head and sighed, \”A person\’s aptitude can really determine his achievements in life!\” Of course, this emotion also flashed by without delaying his sermon as a Mahayana friar. Besides those old monsters who are still in seclusion, Xiang Zhiyu can be regarded as the highest monk of xuantianzong so far. Li Zhiyu had finished his sermon and had quietly left, but Jane Xi still closed her eyes and immersed in the aftertaste of the previous sermon voice. She didn\’t wake up until more than half an hour later. Not only she, but also many core disciples are in the same state as before. \”You wake up. I didn\’t expect that you could understand for so long after listening to the Tao for the first time. It\’s a genius. Ling\’er is convinced now.\” long ling\’er spoke briskly, because she can\’t speak and affect other disciples who are still understanding. \”Let\’s go out first. It will affect others.\” Jane Xi stood up and handed the ice jade grass Futon to long linger, but long linger dodged and said, \”this Futon is for you. When you listen to the sermon again, it will help you calm down.\”. \”But this thing is very precious.\” Jane Xi emphasized the value of bingyucao. Although she likes the futon very much, she won\’t be rewarded for no work, okay? \”It\’s nothing. Besides, I was inspired by you last time in the fairy grass secret place. I didn\’t know how to thank you. This thing is worthless. I\’ll find a useful one for you tomorrow. It\’s my gift. This little thing is just a gadget. Let you take it, or I\’ll be angry, you know \”Long ling\’er is angry, but it\’s a terrible thing.\” long ling\’er and Jane are reluctant to walk and communicate with each other, threatening Jane Xi with open teeth and claws, which proves that she seems really terrible. Jane Xi was teased by her and came out with a loud voice. She was just about to cover her mouth and have a look again. It has been out of the area of those disciples in the enlightenment. Only a few of the inner disciples are still sitting there. Half of the core disciples remained in the same place to understand, and the other disciples had already quit the lundao hall.

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