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Oh, Xiao Li came so early. Hao Jianhong greeted her with a smile.

However, this can minimize the casualties of xuantianzong. Although it will be a great consumption to continuously maintain this large array, they have three groups of disciples who can rest in rotation and so many pills, so they have sufficient time and energy to support the operation of the large array. However, we are still saving the use of pills. If we can recover by ourselves, we should use as few pills as possible. They don\’t know how long they will stay here, and they don\’t know whether they can supply in time in the future, so we have to prepare for the worst. We all understand these principles. Therefore, Jane Xi\’s arrangement also gives us time to recover independently. However, the efficiency of killing star beasts is too high. At this time, Jane Xi stabilized the array and looked at that everything has been gradually on the right track. Only then did she have a little time to take care of others. She sent a letter to Qi Jiexing, to Moyun, to Yu Muyang of Haoyi sect, to Liu Tianhao of Danding sect, Shaojie of Qizong, and several other leaders of the sect and family. In the storage bags given to Shaojie, Yu Muyang and Tian Hao, she left them a set of the same array flag slightly smaller than Xuantian sect. There is also a description of the array layout. Although it is a nine level array, the specific location map has been marked in detail. In each sect or family, there are some disciples who are good at the array. Each of them is responsible for a location. With concerted efforts, they can complete the array layout in the shortest time. At the same time, the array mage with the highest cultivation is the main person of the array. These materials were given to her by their own clan and families in order to refine these array flags for use now. Because of the large number of these array flags, each sect only needs to send array masters of at least level 7 or above to assist in refining. The last few procedures were completed by Jane Xi, which reduced a lot of workload. Otherwise, Jane Xi would not help them. In this way, she can earn a lot of array materials. She is secretly accumulating materials for arranging the transmission array to the earth. This is her greatest wish before she soared. She must complete it, This is the best way to collect materials by helping each major gate and family refine the array flag and arranging the array. It also allows them to take it willingly and ensure the safety of their friends and relatives to the greatest extent. Chapter 670 seal This large array was invented and researched by Jian Xi himself. In a word, it has reached the level of level 9 peak, which can attract the power of stars hundreds of millions of light-years away from the void. This is a height that no one can reach on the rotating Hill star. Even the remaining level 9 array masters can\’t reach it. The opportunity for the invention of this array is also due to the inspiration that Jane Xi can absorb the power of the stars. Her special skill also makes her thinking extremely broad, and there are many more ideas than other array masters who are complacent. They don\’t think about them in ordinary days. If the idea is put into practice and succeeds, it will naturally reach a height they can\’t reach, and there will be this powerful and frightening array now. It\’s very difficult to kill the void star beast, but the power of this array can directly turn its flesh into fly ash. It can be seen how amazing its powerful and unparalleled energy is. The flags of her friends were sent by herself, which will make her friends\’ status in the sect improve invisibly, while the other sects without friends were sent by Xuantian sect. After Jian Xi presided over the array, the power of the array appeared. At this time, the other sects sincerely agreed that Jian Xi spent countless resources and manpower, Only by refining the large array can they really be convinced and can they really cooperate and quickly arrange the large array. This is the reason why Jane Xi should use the big array first and then inform them of the doors. Jian Xi thought that after they saw the power of xuantianzong\’s big array, they would use it automatically and consciously, but unexpectedly, these people were stunned and forgot that they still had a similar array to use. After receiving Jianxi\’s voice, they used Jianxi\’s methods. Began to act quickly. The next day, the gap of the whole sealed place was almost surrounded by those nine level arrays, large and small. The thick smell of blood and flesh came out from each array, attracting countless star beasts to break into the array one after another and turn into fly ash. Although the fourth order void star beast is a little stronger than the first, second and third order star beast, it will break in after hesitating again and again. They will also last longer in the array. But I still can\’t avoid being killed. In this way, the seventh day passed, after all the great arrays of the sect doors were started. There are few casualties, which makes everyone shocked by the power of this array, but also grateful to Jianxi. Jianxi has gained some power of faith at this moment. Although less, there are still some. Xuantianzong is the most powerful of these beliefs. Jian Xi is also the idol of most xuantianzong disciples. It\’s just an array. I don\’t know how many disciples\’ lives have been saved. Although we are very tired in the seven days. But with less worry about life, this fatigue is really not worth mentioning. During this time, there was also an eight level array master in xuantianzong\’s array to replace Jian Xi. So Jane Xi also has time to study the seal nearby. Several * level arrays and array Taoist masters of other sects have also studied this ancient seal in their own large arrays. Although they have the seal left by their predecessors. However, the seal gap this time is larger than those recorded before, so the inherited seal methods are not enough.

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