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He handed her a new blank notebook.

At present, Tang is still accepted by the Hunyuan mansion, and if Tang still temporarily repents, according to the law, he should be treated as a deserter!!! Chapter 60 the law of Zhang Longyuan Dynasty has always been very strict, and the crime of deserting soldiers is even more serious! If you follow the law, you will be sent to the bitter and cold place in the northwest to join the army, or you will kill the nine families! At present, although Tang still didn\’t go to the battlefield and didn\’t bring any significant impact, just deserting soldiers is enough for Tang to be sent to the bitter and cold place in the northwest as a slave. Listening to the elder\’s angry drink, Tang still smiled faintly: \”I know what I\’m talking about, but I suddenly don\’t want to go.\” after that, he looked at the young man: \”thank you Ling Tongling for coming to pick me up this time, but I really don\’t want to go.\” after that, Tang still shook his hands and a piece of white paper appeared in Tang\’s hands in an instant: \”This is the contract of Hunyuan divine punishment in Hunyuan mansion. Only by signing it can I become a member of Hunyuan divine punishment. I haven\’t set aside time to sign it. I think when I have time to sign it, but it doesn\’t seem to be necessary now.\” After that, Tang still tore off the white paper in his hand. For a moment, the whole hall fell into silence again, even more silent than just now. It can even be said that Fang Yang could hear the breath of the people present. \”Unbridled!\”! The elder drank fiercely and looked at Tang. Sparks gushed out of his eyes. \”Unbridled!\” There was another roar. This time it was the voice of the young man\’s subordinates. The man seemed to be the one with the highest status and cultivation among the group, and his strength was probably about the same as that of Lingwu. At this time, his fingers were still like Tang, and his eyes were shining: \”Tang still, do you know what you\’re doing? The contract you just tore off has the seal of the mansion Lord!! you\’re disrespectful to the mansion Lord!\” after saying that, he paused and said coldly: \”What\’s more, you asked to enter the Hunyuan mansion that day. The princess has reported your quota, and the Hunyuan mansion has already drawn up your file. The contract you just took out is just about your welfare. You have long been a member of the Hunyuan mansion. If you do so now, you will be a deserter!\” \”step back.\” Suddenly, the young man who had been silent faintly snorted. At this time, even the young man who had always been very calm, his face was gloomy. His voice was still very thin: \”still, can you tell me why?\” hearing the speech, Tang still gently shook his head: \”just don\’t want to go all of a sudden.\” \”My subordinates are right. Your files have been drawn up in the Hunyuan mansion for a long time. Whether you tear up the contract or not, you are already a member of the Hunyuan mansion. If you don\’t go, it is a deserter! Do you know what the crime of deserting soldiers means?\” the young man continued. Smelling the speech, Tang still didn\’t speak. \”What\’s more, you should know that although you are a friar in Lingwu realm and have good talent, who can enter the Hunyuan divine punishment is not the best among your peers? And you are a woman. I took pains to ask for your quota like my father at the beginning. Where do you put my face?\” The young man\’s voice was very thin, but it had begun to be a little cold.

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