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Wang Ye took it, put it in his pocket, said hello and left.

Zhou Yiqing is really innocent. He has always regarded Fang Yang as an ordinary servant. Now it seems that Fang Yang is the strongest one on their side? Fang Yang killed Xu er with a fist, lifted his feet and walked towards Wang Hu. Wang Hu\’s face changed sharply. He said, \”what are you doing? Don\’t come here!\” he subconsciously stepped back and approached the tiger guard behind him. Even though there were nine martial arts masters at the top of the concentration realm behind him, Wang Hu still couldn\’t relax. Fang Yang\’s thin body in front was like an irresistible fierce beast in his eyes. It seems that as long as he really wants to do it, he can\’t resist a move. \”Zhou Yiqing! Do you want to fall out with me here? It won\’t do any good, and even you will be punished!\” Wang Hu quickly shouted to Zhou Yiqing. He still thinks Fang Yang obeys Zhou Yiqing\’s orders. Zhou Yiqing changed his face and said, \”you\’d better pay attention to it.\” his tone was not tough, even with a hint of request. Zhou Yiqing is not a fool. After Fang Yang showed his skill earlier, he knew that this person should not be underestimated! Fortunately, he just had that attitude towards Fang Yang. If the other party really has a grudge, even he is in danger. \”What exactly are these two people from? Do they really come from a big family?\” Zhou Yiqing was surprised and uncertain, and his eyes at Meng Qianxue became confused. Fang Yang smiled coldly, \”what are you afraid of? Didn\’t you just break my arm? I\’m here. Why don\’t you come?\” \”I\” Wang Hu\’s face is green and white, very ugly. I think his son, one of the four guards of Hunyuan mansion, didn\’t lose a penny when he met Zhou Yiqing. It\’s the first time he was eaten flat in the hands of such a boy. It\’s a great shame! \”Don\’t be too wild! You haven\’t entered the xuanjie yet. You will not end this matter so easily if you kill one of our tiger guards!\” Wang Hu said fiercely. Fang Yang glanced at him and didn\’t move forward. He replied coldly, \”I\’ll wait. Don\’t let me down.\” Wang Hu stared at him coldly. Fang Yang walked back to Meng Qianxue. It was really not a good time to start at this time. The previous blow to kill Xu ER was also because he was extremely unhappy. Anyway, after entering the mysterious world, there are still opportunities to play slowly. Because they were in the corner, few people saw what had happened. At this time, as more and more fighters gathered around, the situation produced bursts of riots, and the fighters blocked outside in the distance were crowding towards them. The mysterious world is right in front of them. How can they watch without going in!

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