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Li Siyu turned his head over with an electric stick. He saw the population foaming and his eyes turning white.

Fang Yang stood on his feet. When the two big bears approached, his fingers moved. Whoosh! The sword blades suspended around him were like channeling, galloping out. Each blade had purple breaking power, amazing penetration, and penetrated one after another. Dangdang. The crisp sound of metal and iron was constant, and the two big bears were strong, and the penetration of purple breaking power also brought a spark , the sword blade of imperial envoy Fang Yang was sharper than the handle, and stronger than the handle. When the ten handles flew out and it was the eleventh handle\’s turn to the black water, a faint force of the vast sea burst out on the black blade and crashed into the forehead of a big bear. The big bear howled like hitting a copper wall. His body trembled and fell to the ground on his back. The standing Fang Yang finally moved, As soon as he thought about it, more than ten sword blades were like barracuda, whizzing and turning, and wearing them on another intact bear. As for Fang Yang, he jumped on the ground. With Fang Yang\’s step, a layer of fire like embers disappeared under his feet. Under the embers, Fang Yang flickered and disappeared, and then appeared again. In the blink of an eye, he rushed to the bear\’s cheek Dharma and martial arts, fire burning step! Fang Yang came to the big bear. The dark Qi between his hands condensed like thunder, and the seal method of heaven and earth suddenly condensed. \”Calm the sky! Shake the earth!\” Two powerful Dharma Seals smashed down and penetrated the bear\’s head together. The bear was still struggling, but during the two Dharma Seals, his huge body suddenly collapsed. Fang Yang waved back to the swimming fish room, and the green light on the blade turned purple and puffed. The bear, who had been unconscious under Fang Yang\’s successive attacks, was immediately attacked by this attack Dao Zipo\’s eyes were pierced, and he died with blood. Fang Yang immediately turned around. More than a dozen Dao\’s blades moved, and the sword Qi flowed violently. Sword star! More than a dozen Dao\’s star light columns gathered a noble sword Qi, which roared and pierced another big bear. No matter how hard the bear\’s fur was, how could Fang Yang stop the sword star\’s power to kill more than a dozen empty and dark places? It was miserable immediately Howling repeatedly, his huge body was scattered. However, in a moment, two great demons in the empty nether world were killed by Fang Yang\’s attack! Fang Yang stood upright, swallowed several five yuan true elixirs to recuperate his mysterious Qi, and looked coldly at the last big bear.

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