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You push it yourself once? Li Siyu asked curiously.

Fang Yang was finally able to see the figure in the dark. A man covered in black was holding the dragon gold scissors in his hand. All kinds of uncontrolled dragon gold scissors in Fang Yang\’s hand were like a fish in water in his hand. Fang Yang looked at him blankly and felt an unusual breath from him. The breath was cold and scared. Fang Yang was cold all the time. \”Who dares to disturb my good deeds! Die!\” Li Bei, who was already waiting to see Fang Yang hanged by sword Qi, suddenly saw such a scene and became angry. It\’s unbearable for someone to stop himself again! The silver sword in his hand trembled and the sword Qi surged. Shake it up! The three swords were like a long snake waving its tail and rolling out. Almost in the blink of an eye, they rushed to the man and wanted to strangle him with swords. The black man raised his head a little stiff and looked at the three sword lights. He slowly stretched out his right hand and grabbed the sword Qi without flinching. There was a ferocious color in the north of Li: \”don\’t stop? Look, I\’ll break your arm!\” bang bang! The three swords burst, and there was no Xuanqi fluctuation on the black man, as if he had given up resisting. But before Li Bei\’s ferocious smile took shape, he suddenly froze, then his eyes stared round and his face was frightened. \”How could it be!! nothing?!\” not only Li Bei, but also Fang Yang nearby was creepy. Under the three shining swords, the black man stopped all of them with his physical strength! After the sword light burst, the man in black didn\’t move, and he didn\’t even leave any injuries on his body, but his wrapped black sleeve was broken, revealing his blue arm. \”What a powerful physical force it needs.\” Fang Yang was shocked. Unless he reached the level of building bone and gold body, he would not be able to stop it. The black shirted man flatly and faintly blocked the three sword lights, raised his arm and looked at Li Bei rigidly. Then he turned his head and looked at Li Bei over there. His voice was dry and dumb: \”too weak.\” as soon as the two words came out, he waved his right hand holding the Jiaolong golden scissors, and saw the virtual shadow of the half Python and half dragon sweeping away, roaring and vibrating, shouting close to Li Bei\’s body. Li Bei\’s face slightly changed: \”Kaiyang!\”

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