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Several people focused their eyes on the lofty body with small eyes.

The power of Fang Yang\’s soul moved and went to the decaying search in the black and thin man\’s mind. Under the influence of powerful soul power, Fang Yang forced himself into his sea of knowledge, bound the origin of his soul and searched his memory. After a closed search, Fang Yang let go. The man\’s body immediately fell limp and his eyes were dull. Because the origin of his soul had been severely damaged by the power of Fang Yang\’s soul, even if he didn\’t die, he would become an idiot. \”Yang Huo, how did you do this?\” Wang Wu looked at the four corpses over there and looked at the half dead black and thin man. He said calmly. He couldn\’t even say a word because he was frightened. Fang Yang looked at him and said, \”just fight like this.\” \”don\’t you only have the middle of the empty and dark realm? But both the use of Xuanqi and the exertion of combat power have reached this level. Previously, it was a beast in the early Yang realm!\” \”Although it was the early Yang state, the man didn\’t even give full play to 30% of his strength. His psychological quality was too poor. After being a little frightened, he was completely disoriented. Unexpectedly, I would directly invade into his sea of knowledge. Even if he was strong, once the origin of his soul was destroyed, he would not play any role.\” Fang Yang looked calm. If he hadn\’t killed the other two people by thunder, it would not be so easy to succeed at the martial arts in the early Yang realm. \”Even so,\” Wang Wu hit his mouth and suddenly thought, \”by the way, you used the big sun mask, which seems to be one of the nine inheritances of our Chunyang Zhenzong Ah? How can you master this martial arts? You\’re not a core disciple. \”Fang Yang raised his eyebrow and said,\” what do you think? \”Wang Wu was stunned and then thought of something. His face changed slightly:\” is it senior brother Shang Wen\’an? \”\” if you\’re a core disciple, what\’s the inherited martial arts you cultivate? \”Fang Yang asked.\” huoyun dunfa. \”Wang Wu looked good, \”There are three levels of evasion. I have fully mastered the first level and can walk through the fire without a trace!\” \”Oh? That sounds good.\” Fang Yang\’s eyes twinkle. His appearance makes Wang Wu very vigilant: \”you and you don\’t want to inherit martial arts. Once someone knows that I teach it privately, I will be killed by the law enforcement elder!\” Fang Yang curled his lips and then said, \”I got some useful information from northo\’s head.\” \”what information? You were forced to search his memory with the power of your soul? Your power of your soul is too strong.\” Wang Wu looked surprised. Searching memory is not a simple thing. The stronger the soul of a martial artist, the more difficult it is to be searched. Fang Yang doesn\’t look like a person who has learned some soul searching and vicious techniques. Since he can search, it should be all based on his own strong soul power. \”Fang Yang smiled and then said seriously, \”This time, we really fell into a trap. There were more than 100 people from Chunyang Zhenzong who came here, but there were three sects and Wang Chaojun, more than 400 people from the poison emperor Dynasty, who wanted to catch us all.\” \”what!? then, what should we do?\” Wang Wu was surprised. \”You should know better than me how powerful he mountain, the peerless gate, the flying wolf Valley, and the flying dove army of the poison emperor Dynasty are.\” Fang Yang said. Wang Wu\’s expression became extremely ugly when he heard this: \”The division of power between the poison emperor Dynasty and the Longyuan Dynasty is different. Their sect is not attached to the official power, but becomes another force. However, the two forces are closely related, especially when they are external. Under the alliance of their sects, there are nine sect leaders. The three sects you mentioned are three of the leading sects , they even paid so much attention to this event and sent elites from three major departments. \”

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