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Lin Cheng looked at her nervously, and his eyes dodged again. He knew that the girl had something to do.

\”What\’s the matter? Where are the people?\” Gu Kang followed him, but when he reached the end, he saw only an open door, where were Fang Yang\’s whereabouts. \”Damn it, let them run away again! Catch up! Anyway, we\’ll kill Fang Yang\’s thief here today!\” growled Gu Kang, who rushed into the open wall first. Behind the wall is a palace. Once Gu Kang rushed in, his eyes swept around. Just about to run the spirit to search for Fang Yang\’s whereabouts, his eyes must have found Fang Yang in front of him. Fang Yang stood indifferently in the center of the hall. He didn\’t mean to run away anymore. He looked at them quietly. The space of the hall here is not very large. It is empty. Only a dragon sculpture is placed in the center. The dragon is a Qiu dragon. Its body stands tall. It is a rare four legged dragon. It stands in place and looks up to the sky. Its huge body is placed there, which naturally gives people a strong sense of oppression. On the other side of the hall was a small door leaf. \”Hum, you know you can\’t escape, so are you waiting here to die?\” Gu Kang glanced around and finally fixed his eyes on Fang Yang with a sneer. Fang Yang raised his eyebrow: \”you can\’t tell whether you\’re dead or not. You\’re too confident!\” \”arrogant!\” Gu Kang was furious. \”You\’re just a boy in the empty and dark world. You dare to talk to me like this. Since you don\’t run, I\’ll kill you!\” Gu Kang moved and was about to rush out. Shang Wen\’an next to him reminded him, \”elder Gu, be careful of fraud.\” \”hmm?\” Gu Kang was stunned. Shang Wen\’an looked at Fang Yang and said coldly; \”This son is extremely cunning. According to his past performance, he should run away directly, but now he not only doesn\’t go, but also stays where he is waiting for us. There may be some tricks!\” Gu Kang mentioned here, but also looked around with vigilance. Yes, it can be seen from their experience in fighting this son that Fang Yang will never fight an uncertain battle. The strength gap between the two sides is so obvious that it is clear that they have an advantage, but Fang Yang doesn\’t run. Maybe it\’s strange! He moved the spirit and swept his eyes, but no matter how he looked, it was difficult to see anything from the hall. Gu Kang hesitated. Fang Yang said with a smile, \”is this how you Chunyang Zhenzong behaves? You didn\’t even clamor to kill me just now. Why am I here now and don\’t come? If you\’re sure you won\’t come, we\’ll go.\” hearing Fang Yang\’s ridicule, Gu Kang\’s face was very ugly. His dignified inner mountain elder of Chunyang Zhenzong was so slandered and angry. Fang Yang and Shui qianrou turned decisively and were about to leave here. Gu Kang couldn\’t bear it and roared angrily: \”don\’t go, thief! I want to see how you can trap me with your strength!\”

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