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But when he saw someone, he also asked. If he didn\’t say anything, didn\’t he come in vain?

\”Poof.\” Fang Yang spit out another mouthful of black blood. Seeing Wen ruohuo usher in, he finally showed a few lines of relaxation on his pale face. He waved his hand: \”where\’s the transmission array?\” \”no problem, I\’ve robbed it. I also put xuanjing on it, which is enough energy to take us away.\” Wen ruohuo helped Fang Yang hurriedly. \”Go first, it\’s not safe here.\” Fang Yang said. Wen ruohuo also noticed that the dark air was spreading in the distance, nodded solemnly, grabbed Fang Yang and took him into the transmission array. At the place of the transmission array, the black and thin little girl Xiaoyi had awakened and stood timidly. She was relieved to see Wen ruohuo and Fang Yang coming. Fang Yang saw that she was safe and squeezed out of her face With a smile, he patted her on the head and whispered, \”it\’s all right.\” Xiaoyi also recognized Fang Yang as the person he had seen before. It seemed that he had found the backbone, and his small hand pulled directly on Fang Yang\’s damaged clothes. \”Let\’s go.\” Fang Yang said. Wen Ruo Huo nodded and began to urge the transmission array. At this time, the dark wind surged, and a gray and black breath in the distance quickly diffused here, with Mu Shaohua\’s gloomy whisper. \”Run? Where are you going? Everyone is going to die, everyone is going to die!\” Hoo. When the black wind swept, Mu Shaohua\’s figure suddenly appeared 100 steps ahead. It seemed that she also found Fang Yang. They were going to urge the transmission array to escape. A burst of anger appeared on her face: \”die! Die for me!!\” she moved her hands, and the endless dead wood in the palm of her hand surged out, fell heavily and crashed. Fang Yang\’s face changed and roared, \”isn\’t it all right yet?\” \”All right, all right!\” Wen Ruo Huo answered. The transmission array under his feet sent out a faint light and slowly wrapped the three of them in it. Under the cover of mild power, their bodies gradually blurred. At this time, the dark dark dark air of dead trees had crashed down. Boom! The dark air hit the large array and vibrated violently. The transmission array under his feet was bright and changeable at any time Will shake them out.

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