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In the future, we will be good friends and sisters. I\’ll be older than you at first sight. You\’ll call me sister Dan later!

\”Is there anything wrong with me?\” Fang Yang asked curiously. Li mubai nodded and shook his head: \”it\’s wrong. It\’s very wrong. But it\’s not what\’s wrong with you, boy. Do you know the origin of ambergris?\” as soon as he finished speaking, before Fang Yang spoke, he replied: \”you must know. I think you have extraordinary breath in your body. You must have taken ambergris and got great benefits.\” \”Do you know how valuable this ambergris wine is? If you spread the news about it, the number of people chasing and killing you must exceed ten fingers in the top 100, no, the top 50. And you not only guard carelessly and care dearly, but also take the initiative to give it to us. It\’s strange.\” Fang Yang was stunned and smiled immediately: \”I wonder why, even if the value of wine is high, there should be people who know how to taste it. Moreover, drinking muggy wine doesn\’t agree with my temperament. Naturally, it\’s fun to drink with more than one person.\” \”ha ha, it\’s fun to drink with more than one person. Your boy agrees with my mind.\” Li mubai smiled, \”However, it\’s not suitable to drink ambergris. I owe you a cup of ambergris, and I can\’t take away the beauty of others.\” Fang Yang wanted to say more, but Li mubai waved his hand. Fang Yang kept silent. He also saw that Li mubai loved wine, but because of his love for wine, he also had his own drinking bottom line. \”I think you are also a person who is unwilling to be lonely. Where are you going next?\” Li mubai put away the ambergris and planned to have a good taste in the future. Fang Yang naturally said, \”naturally, you can go wherever there is a fight and where there is benefit.\” Li mubai was neither laughing nor laughing: \”You boy, what you said is simple. You should come as soon as you say. Even if you come, it depends on your ability to eat. But fight. Hey, you can\’t lack it in the future.\” Hearing this, Fang Yang frowned, but immediately understood something. He suddenly entered the top 100 of the Dragon list. Naturally, many people were dissatisfied. They came to weigh their strength. If they wanted to become famous, he was also a good pedal. As expected, Fang Yang couldn\’t stop. However, Fang Yang was also dissatisfied and smiled: \”The more you come, the better. I just rely on the bloody battle to improve myself.\” \”you\’re also a little madman.\” Li mubai shook his head. \”Next, we\’re going to the vast sea on the ninth floor to get the essence of the sea. If you\’re interested, why don\’t you go together?\” \”vast sea?\” Fang Yang was stunned. He hadn\’t heard the name. Li mubai said: \”The vast sea is the most vast ocean in the netherworld passage, in which there is a lot of water and Qi. I think what you cultivate is the mysterious Qi from the beginning to the Yang. Although it is extremely powerful, there is an imbalance between yin and Yang. If you go there, there are a lot of things that can help you reconcile Yin and Yang and enhance the mysterious Qi.\” Hearing this, Fang Yang\’s eyes brightened. Reconcile Yin and Yang? It\’s almost three years. Wen ruohuo told him that the ruins should be opened soon. The purpose of going to the ruins is to get the Xuanyin formula matched with the pure Yang formula, so as to make the Xuanqi and Yin and Yang in his body work together. Since he can\’t get the Xuanyin formula at this time , if you have the means to improve, you can do it.

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