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Why? asked mammy Zhao. After so many years in the palace, she naturally saw that Shen Ling\’s words were sincere, but why not? These things were even wanted by the county leader.

\”Fang Yang\’s name has disappeared!\” hearing this, everyone looked at it together. Sure enough, they saw that it was originally in the position of dragon list 93, and the ranking disappeared, but the name was still in Fang Yang. At this time, even the name slowly dissipated here. \”What\’s the matter? Is Fang Yang dead?\” \”it\’s possible that Longbang was removed from the list. Maybe he was killed after his cultivation was abolished?\” \”it\’s not necessarily. His cultivation was abolished. The divine alchemist naturally removed him when he saw that he had no strength.\” \”Hum, this kind of boy shouldn\’t have been on the Dragon list for a long time. I really think he has some strength? I don\’t know what evil method he has been promoted by. He has been eaten back. His cultivation has been abolished and his ranking has been lost.\” Someone said sarcastically. When the people were noisy, there was another change of light and shadow on the Dragon list. Someone looked at it carefully for a moment, suddenly looked at it, then looked shocked, pointed to the Dragon list and exclaimed, \”Fang Yang\’s name appears again!\” \”what? How can it disappear and come back? Where is it?\” \”you\’re dazzled.\” The crowd immediately swept away and looked around the hundred people, but they didn\’t find out. Just when someone couldn\’t help laughing, a cry of surprise came into their ears. \”Sixty-eight? Fang Yang was promoted to sixty-eight!\” \”what?\” \”68? Really, really!\” and \”lying in the trough, what\’s the matter?\” The crowd exclaimed that Fang Yang\’s name appeared again, but this time there was a big gap with the ranking of 93. The position of 68 was still \”Fang Yang\” It\’s impossible to read the two words wrong. Fang Yang, who was 93 before and whose accomplishments were abolished, came to the level of 68 in the blink of an eye. Did his accomplishments increase rather than decrease after his accomplishments were abolished? Everyone was surprised to think of this. The speed of Fang Yang\’s improvement was even faster than that of Meng invincible in those years Terrible, have you promoted more than 20 monsters in just a few months

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