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This time, the imperial edict was to give Shen Ling a reward again. At the same time, Shen Ling was declared to the palace to let the Empress Dowager see her.

With one blow, the head of the Yin general burst instantly. Under the swallowing of yin and Yang, his cracked head also turned into ash and floated away without a trace. There were countless Yin spirits flying around again, circling on Yin Jiang\’s head and trying to recover his body, but how could Fang Yang give them this opportunity to cut down the nine palace sword. Buzz! A white light flashed and fell from head to foot. When this sword was cut off, the body of the Yin general was divided into two. The boundless streamer exploded and opened. The black-and-white Xuanqi suddenly became great, and the explosion swallowed the body of the Yin general without a trace. Black Qi collapses, but it also dissipates into nothingness immediately under the power of phagocytosis. One sword, second kill! With the help of the promotion of the chaos of yin and Yang, the sword cut out, but the Yin will have no chance to recover. After the sword, the Yin will destroy the Yin spirit in the body, and the black will dissipate and destroy nothing. \”Cough.\” Fang Yang coughed and his nose was warm. When he reached out and wiped it, he saw a blood stain. The use of Yin-Yang disorder again has caused a great burden on his body. The old man\’s vitality left in the flesh and blood has played a role again and quickly restored Fang Yang\’s trauma. However, even so, it can not completely offset the anti phagocytic force of Yin-Yang disorder. \”But fortunately, he killed the Yin general.\” Fang Yang was a little relieved. There was only about one fifth of the mysterious Qi in his body, which could not help consuming. However, as soon as the Yin will be extinguished, it will not lose much Xuanqi. When the idea came up, Fang Yang suddenly changed his face. He suddenly looked up and looked to one side. He saw that there was a continuous fight in front of him. Countless ghosts gathered together, ate each other\’s bodies, swallowed them and gradually strengthened. Under the perception of the sword, he can clearly feel an evil black, which is intended to increase rapidly. In the blink of an eye, the darkness had spread and opened, rolling the black clouds around, and evil Qi surged. Qi\’s blessing was in his body and turned into a huge body. Yin nearly vomited blood from Fang Yang. Why? His face sank like water, and then he realized that he had revealed an important point. There are many Yin spirits and evil spirits here, but no one has ever said that there is only one Yin general! He finally killed a Yin general. In the blink of an eye, he condensed another one again.

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