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On this day, the weather was fine. Shen Ling was lying quietly on the soft couch. She was holding a soft waxy cake with her tender fingers and chewing it in her mouth. It was really a happy day.

Is that iron mountain? Looking at the burly figure and frightened face, it is iron mountain! Iron mountain trembled all over his body and made meaningless noises in his throat. He was still surprised because Fang Yang killed Wang Jin, but he didn\’t expect that it was his turn in a twinkling of an eye. When Fang Yang suddenly came to him, Tieshan had reacted very quickly and used all his Xuanqi. He cultivates the dark Qi of copper and iron, which is extremely hard. When the dark Qi works, he can form an iron sheet on his body surface, with amazing defense, and can resist most attacks. Even martial artists of a higher level can\’t kill him so easily. But Fang Yang only used one sword. The nine palace sword in his hand just gently stabbed him in front of him. His proud defense didn\’t help. He wore him like tofu. \”There\’s no good end for the traitor.\” Fang Yang whispered in his ear, \”and don\’t you agree with the plan?\” Fang Yang\’s mouth showed a cold smile, and his wrist trembled slightly. The sword Qi contained in the nine palace sword immediately exploded and turned into countless small sword Qi like swimming fish, which rushed into the blood channels of iron mountain. Puff, puff. Bursts of blood splashed, and iron mountain\’s body just vibrated violently for two times, which was a moment of paralysis. If you look carefully, he has lost his vitality and died here. Kill one person with one move without dragging the water. \”How dare you be so ignorant of me!\” seeing that Fang Yang killed them, Jiang Tianyan finally couldn\’t stand it. Anyway, he is also the strongest person on this trip. Fang Yang killed these two people under his own eyes. Why didn\’t he pay attention to himself? When Jiang Tianyan was shocked and angry, he couldn\’t take into account the mysterious means Fang Yang had. When he burst into drinking, he pointed to the Earth Dragon gun in his hand. He saw that his whole body was filled with earth, and the sand under his feet gathered. He turned into a wild Python and hanged Fang Yang. Fang Yang raised his eyebrows and stepped on the fire burning step. He suddenly disappeared from the original place. When he appeared again, he just came close to the huge Python condensed from sand and soil. \”Don\’t worry, none of you can walk away.\” Fang Yang said. The dark Qi flowed under his feet and lightly stepped on the earth gas crazy python. His wrist trembled. The sword Qi on the nine palace sword burst and opened a cloud. The sword awned four times and then cut off with a sword. Hiss. The sword Qi congealed into a huge sword Gang, and the sword pierced the crazy python. The sword Qi tore up the earth force. Under the agitation of Fang Yang, it also directly destroyed the crazy python.

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