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Dong\’Er. Shen Ling ignored and hid. She just called Dong\’Er.

Black wood finally took a look at Fang Yang, and then gritted his teeth and began to cast a curse. He held a wooden pole made of broken wood, on which various materials gathered to form paper. With the shaking of black wood, he began to cast a spell. Black wood is also the contemporary leader of the black soul tribe. He has some understanding of these things about casting a curse. After knowing the process, he cast a curse It\’s not difficult to show. Although the curse is complicated, it\’s not very difficult due to different sacrificial losses. At least it\’s much simpler than heimu\’s black soul who has studied for decades. He holds different powder materials in his hand and begins to recite words. As heimu shakes his head, a swirling black gas also diffuses. Fang Yang is very angry It\’s the first time for Fang Yang to see this kind of curse and witchcraft on him. Although martial arts is prosperous, it\’s always right to know more about heresy. Heimu\’s curse is surprisingly smooth. When he speaks, the swirling black smell has invaded his body. Fang Yang can see it clearly Seeing the black smoke entangled in heimu\’s blood, is this to extract half of his blood? Just when Fang Yang thought there would be a large amount of blood pouring out, suddenly heimu\’s cheeks quickly turned pale, not only his complexion, but also his spirit and spirit. The whole person seemed to have suffered great suffering, but Fang Yang\’s spirit was not happy when he looked carefully He was surprised: a lot of blood had been lost in his body! No, to be exact, it was not the decrease of blood, but the direct reduction of blood gas in his body. The curse was to directly draw people\’s blood gas? Fang Yang was stunned. With the support of this half of blood, the black gas became more and more swirling. Although heimu was tired, he still beat his spirit, Continue with the next action. The black air on the broken wood has expanded to the extreme. Then he stretched out his hand to open the porcelain bowl containing a drop of Fang Yang\’s blood, threw Fang Yang\’s hair into it, and added a kind of green water. The green water is full of high-powered vitality. It is living wood water, which has an excellent healing effect. Looking at the green water, the broken wood held by heimu suddenly raised and took over It was easy to catch up with the green water. After adding the black air, the original vibrant water suddenly turned into a dark thing, like a deep pool of water if the bottom could not be seen. The murmur in heimu\’s mouth was also at the end. With the exit of his last words, his right hand suddenly lifted up. It was broken When the life wood was lifted up, the liquid in the porcelain bowl disappeared instantly. When you look carefully, it has been completely absorbed by the life wood. Chapter 765 danger is coming again. There was a soft sound. The life wood held in heimu\’s hand suddenly broke open, and countless sawdust fell. Finally, there is only a carefully carved wood carving in heimu\’s palm , if you look carefully, you can see that the face of the wood carving is eight or nine times similar to Fang Yang, which can be described as lifelike. At this time, in the middle of the wood carving, a black line spreads vertically, just like the original interior of the wood carving.

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