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Must. After all, ling\’er is your Majesty\’s concubine. Her yard is still too small.

Not far behind the two people, a black cloud of mosquitoes galloped and chased closely. The speed of these mosquitoes was not slow, which only forced the two people into a mess. Chapter 824 positive contact Liao Xingwen panted for five or six miles. He suddenly woke up and stopped. No. I don\’t seem to have soaked in the lake. In other words, his body was not contaminated with the smell of Black Lotus. The target of these mosquitoes was just Sima Xiangshan. In that case, why did he run to wake up? Liao Xingwen stopped doing meaningless actions immediately. He just took a light step towards the back, and then watched this large area of black mosquitoes buzzing and speeding past him. Without looking at him, he continued to chase after Sima Xiangshan over there. The black mosquito army is really terrible. Where it passes, the vegetation is ruined and the rubble is flying. After hiding, Liao Xingwen was able to take a good breath. It\’s hard for a fat man like him to run so far under the pursuit of mosquitoes. But to put it bluntly, he didn\’t have the courage to let him completely stay away. Liao Xingwen turned his head and shouted at Sima Xiangshan when he was chased by countless mosquitoes. \”Water! If you jump into the water, you can\’t catch up.\” Sima Xiangshan, who was running, suddenly heard this sentence and looked at the lake again. Without hesitation, he jumped in directly. Plop. The water splashed, and Sima Xiangshan\’s body didn\’t enter it. Mosquitoes are afraid of water. With the obstruction of water flow, these mosquitoes rush forward and hover around, but they can\’t touch simaxiang mountain for a long time. Sima Xiangshan breathed a sigh of relief. His expression was really ugly. He is a dignified Dragon King and half immortal. Even in the face of a group of dragon species, he may not be so embarrassed, let alone just a few mosquitoes, but these mosquitoes give him a great burden at this time. Previously, if he ran a little slower, he didn\’t know what it would be like. \”Strange! Absolutely strange! Why so many coincidences.\” Sima Xiangshan roared in his heart. But he has no way.

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