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Miss Shen? Empress Dowager Cheng frowned.

Ye Chun looks at the leader like a fool, →_ →。 Lin Cheng disagreed and looked at Li Siyu with a smile. \”This is a surprise for me. Let\’s go back today.\” Lin Cheng can\’t wait to go home now and wait for Li Siyu to give him a gift. Li Siyu bought something and didn\’t need to buy anything else. Then he took the bus back to Chuncheng. Near the door, Li Siyu took out a basket of things from the space and went home. The old lady opened the door for her and saw her struggling to carry the basket. \”Oh, give it to me quickly. How can I carry such a heavy thing?\” she said, reaching out to pick it up and carrying it into the house. Li Siyu watched the old lady come into the house with a basket on her back and didn\’t drag water at all. She was almost down on her back just now. The old lady took it so easily. She didn\’t even have the strength of an old lady! The old lady brought her a glass of water and handed her a towel to wipe her sweat. Li Siyu rested and the old lady took out all her things. \”Oh, I bought these milk powder again. I said I didn\’t want to drink it.\” the old lady complained, but her face smiled. Or her daughter is best for her. \”Eat ribs in the evening?\” the old lady carried out a large piece of ribs and a piece of pork with more than two kilograms. Li Siyu nodded, \”OK.\” it doesn\’t matter what she eats. The most important thing is to let the old lady eat well. \”When your eldest brother left, I brought him ten jin of noodles and ten eggs from your fourth sister-in-law. I also asked him to take them back.\” the old lady told Li Siyu what she had given. Li Siyu nodded. \”It\’s up to you. Don\’t tell me.\” she doesn\’t care about these things. She doesn\’t have much money. The old lady can give them to whoever she wants. And brother Li still cares about her. Although the things are not worth money, he can\’t take out anything else.

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