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This is a great trick. For some reason, ling\’er shrunk her head in front of zhao\’er, and her manners were not good. She wore old-fashioned clothes before the flower feast that day. As zhao\’er\’s only concubine, she still had to learn this posture well, so that my emperor and grandson could be born early. she laughed.

Father Chen hasn\’t had a drink for a long time. In addition to the difficulty of getting wine tickets, he doesn\’t give up buying them. After all, the whole family has to eat. Li Chengcai drank it once, but the feeling of sobering up is too difficult to express. He doesn\’t want to drink anymore. Now when I see the wine again, I frown and almost become a little old man. \”Come on, take some cups and pour them.\” the old lady asked Zhang Yuemei to get the quilt. Because women can\’t drink, only Li Siguo and father Chen poured a glass of wine. Li Siguo picked up his glass, smelled it and smacked his mouth. He hasn\’t drunk since his father died. \”Come on, today is a good day. Let\’s have a good drink,\” father Chen said to Li Siguo with a glass. Li Siguo nodded, \”OK.\” he is not good at words, but it\’s not annoying. The two men drank up a bottle of Baijiu, and their faces turned red. But they were happy and began to let go of themselves. Li Siyu went to work at noon and saw sun Xiufen coming out of director Zheng\’s office with a proud face. She looked confused. What happened? What does she smoke? However, Li Siyu looked at her cautiously and was careful to be on guard. I can\’t help it. I was worried by Secretary Wen a few days ago. If she lost her job, she really can\’t help it. Madder! Why do you always touch the staff? My heart is so tired. All afternoon, Li Siyu was staring at Sun Xiufen. He was really tired. And sun Xiufen also began to sit still. Why didn\’t director Zheng ask Li Siyu to go to the office? Did Li Siyu really bribe? So good? I don\’t even care about the report. Sun Xiufen\’s heart was heavy. She stared at Li Siyu and clenched her fist. She didn\’t understand it. Before work, Li Siyu was relieved to see that everyone in the office had left. Is today over? Sun Xiufen didn\’t become a demon. There should be no problem.

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