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Madam, it\’s really awesome. mammy Chen\’s face was full of admiration.

Let her laugh and see if she\’s easy to bully, isn\’t she? The next morning, Li Siyu didn\’t see Xu Weinan come to work? It was Zhang Dawei who came to ask for leave and said he had a cold and fever. This is a bad reward for the wicked, Li Siyu thought, but she won\’t let Xu Weinan go. \”The wicked have their own harvest.\” Peng lingman sighed. Yesterday she also mentioned Li Siyu and pinched her sweat. She could have foreseen the consequences if there were no words on the pen. Liu Chengxue nodded, \”you should let her fall ill and die directly. It\’s the scourge of the province.\” her words were unanimously agreed by the other two. Xu Weinan lay on the Kang and looked at her mother-in-law\’s disgust to wipe her medicine and pestle her wound very hard. \”Hiss!\” Xu Weinan took a breath. \”What are you doing? I don\’t need you.\” Wang wished she didn\’t use it. \”I don\’t know what to do outside all day. Let people fight like this, tut tut tut!\” yes, Xu Weinan was beaten again. She was still in a sack. She wondered who set her. So hard, it must not be a woman. Remembering the conflict with Li Siyu yesterday and the loss of a new pen, it\’s true that stealing chicken can\’t eat rice. Did Li Siyu find someone to beat her? She believes in this because she hasn\’t offended others because of Li Siyu recently. As poor as Liu Chengxue, it\’s really hard to find someone to beat her. How many people can she know? Therefore, she believes that Li Siyu bought it! Xu Weinan stared at Wang\’s leaving figure with hatred, and secretly scolded the old dead woman in his heart! If her mother-in-law is gone, doesn\’t Zhang Dawei listen to her? She doesn\’t believe that an upright man can stand her. But she didn\’t dare to do anything else. She could only curse her in her heart.

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