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Mammy Zhao stopped talking. She knew that the Empress Dowager knew what she meant.

Li Siyu breathed a sigh of relief and naturally noticed his abnormality. \”I\’m sorry, I\’m not ready to say anything.\” she also has to consider her personal safety. People are unpredictable. She doesn\’t believe Lin Cheng. At least she believes in Lincheng now, but she can\’t guarantee it in the future. The two have not been together for long and have not been married. Even if they are married, it is difficult for Li Siyu to tell his secret. Lin Cheng didn\’t speak. He was silent for a while. Then he said, \”it\’s cold. Go back first.\” Li Siyu knew that he had this barrier in his heart, but he didn\’t say much. He nodded and the two went back. This is the first time that the atmosphere has become so cold since they were together. On the way back, the two didn\’t speak. Lin Cheng walked in front and Li Siyu walked behind. Lin Cheng didn\’t sleep that night. He didn\’t know what to think. In fact, he has been taking the initiative between the two people, and Li Siyu accepted it. I told all the secrets to Li Siyu, but now she has been hiding them from herself. He has never asked anything since he supplied him with things. Up to now, he hasn\’t told him anything for more than half a month. Lin Cheng is in a low mood. He doesn\’t blame Li Siyu for being selfish and don\’t believe him. But thinking about whether he is not good enough for her, so he will hide something from himself. Compared with Lincheng insomnia, Li Siyu also has insomnia. Recalling Lin Cheng\’s disappointed look just now, she couldn\’t help being sour in her heart. Yes, why is she so selfish and doesn\’t tell Lin Cheng anything? Will Lin Cheng betray her later? Li Siyu is lost in thought. She doesn\’t know how to face Lin Cheng. Chapter 275 complex mood early the next morning, Lin Cheng left without eating, resulting in Li Siyu not seeing anyone when he got up. \”Where\’s Lincheng?\” she asked Zhang Yuemei with blue eyes.

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