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Ming Yuyan\’s pretty face changed slightly. She already felt a strong attraction and quickly pulled away, but found that her divine might was rigid and unable to use the slightest bit, and as she moved frequently, not only did she not retreat. , But was pulled closer.

Shanghai paused, and said solemnly: \”And if I guessed it correctly, this formation is definitely a teleportation formation, and it is also an ancient cross-world teleportation formation. Now these sixty thousand strong should only come to find the way first. , Next, I guess there may be more powerful people coming…\”Hearing these words, Yan Wushuang\’s face suddenly turned pale. As a princess of the Huang clan, she naturally knew the terrifying power of this mysterious force. Only 30,000 people are comparable to a multi-ethnic army of millions. If there is another 60,000 , And even more words…And these people were led by God\’s Punishers. When they attacked God City before, these people put aside their cruel words and made the ancient Protoss pay a heavy price…This sentence is not a joke, the multi-ethnic million powerhouses have been annihilated and have appeared, and this is not the end, but just the beginning, the Zhonghuang will be subverted.Then…what should I do now?Yan Wushuang was a little panicked. Although the Huang Clan is strong, the total combat power is only comparable to the number of mysterious forces of 100,000. The ancient god race is slightly stronger, reaching 150,000 at most. If the rest of the tribes add up , Which is equivalent to 200,000 at most.Sixty thousand pioneers have appeared, and there will definitely not be less than sixty thousand, at least ten times more, that is at least six hundred thousand…Now we have to inform the leaders of the temple and all races of this news, so that they can understand the situation in the middle famine at this moment.Shanghai Shen Sheng said: \”Let the various races send strong men to destroy the remaining 30,000 strong men and destroy the teleportation array. Otherwise, waiting for the main force of this mysterious force from another world to arrive, it will be a terrible disaster. .\”Yes! I immediately went back and told my father.I\’m going to find grandpa.Immediately!The two didn\’t say much, and immediately turned back and left, because the situation is urgent at this moment, and if one more delay, a lot of people will die.Although many people have little to do with Shanghai, he is very clear about the truth about the death of the lips and the teeth. If the ancient gods are destroyed, the spirit and spirit line will definitely not survive. These people have his uncles, brothers and sisters, and many elders in it. Finally found his roots, and now he wants to watch his family be slaughtered, he doesn\’t want to see this scene.Since one person can\’t do anything, let the temple take action to avoid this huge catastrophe.Shanghai quickly transferred the sound to Ling Zhantian.Grandpa, where are you?Haoer? What\’s the matter? If it\’s not important, I\’ll talk about it later. Ling Zhantian replied.It\’s about the survival of the ancient gods.I\’m in the side hall. Ling Zhantian replied.


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