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While thinking about it, Shanghai suddenly noticed an abnormal movement behind him, quickly retracted his mind, released his perception, and suddenly found the person behind him. Although it was not the first time I saw it, every time I saw it, I couldn’t help but feel a bang. A sense of tremor, especially at the moment of being involved in the whirlpool, after seeing everything about her…

Shanghai took a deep breath, and it took more than ten days to find an exit in the land of the gods\’ practice. After all the hard work, he finally found an exit.Lifting his head, his eyes scanned the surroundings. The ruins and the ruined hall were all over the place, and there were all kinds of post-war devastations everywhere. A gust of wind blew up all walks of ashes, full of desolation.If you hadn\’t seen it with your own eyes, it would be difficult for Shanghai to connect the ruins in front of you with the prosperous city of God in the past.I don\’t know how grandpa and them are… Shanghai was full of worries, and quickly flew up towards the direction of the temple.When I arrived at the location, Shanghai was stunned. What I saw before my eyes was an empty area. The ground still left traces of the divine bell pressing on the ground, but the entire temple seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.The temple disappeared…Shanghai\’s mood is ups and downs. Could it be that the ancient Protoss has been annihilated? Thinking of this, he became even more worried.Five years…Although the time is not long, it is enough to change many things. If the powerhouses of the vast star realm continue to fall into the middle of the wilderness, it will not be difficult for the ancient gods to be destroyed.There is no news for the time being, don\’t rush to make a final conclusion. Shanghai comforted himself and suppressed his inner anxiety. All he has to do now is to go back to the Lingshen line first, and inquire about the past five years. Incidents in the wild.Put away your mind, and Shanghai flies up.suddenly!Six special breaths came.A strong star in the star realm… Shanghai\’s pupils shrank slightly and stopped immediately, just as he urgently needed to understand the situation of the middle out……The six powerful stars of the vast star realm immediately surrounded them. These people were all at the peak of the king, with star marks on their faces, at least two, and at most three.The strong man who abandoned the realm… The eyes of the six strong star realms were filled with joy.I\’m so courageous, I dared to run into our Hao Xing area, let\’s say, how do you want to die? said the leading Hao Xing realm expert. He used the common language of Zhonghuang, which is not surprising , Staying here for five years, with their strength and realm, it is normal for them to learn the common language of the famine.Haoxing area? Shanghai was slightly startled.He doesn\’t know this is the Haoxing area?


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