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At this time, within Shanghai’s perception, the few \”exotic beasts\” appeared just now. These strange beasts were aggressive, and behind them, there was a huge barren beast whose body was like a mountain and its back was covered with sharp points. Stabbing, the blood-colored eyes revealed a palpitating light.

I want you to die!The wounded evil spirit, like a mad beast, repeatedly swung the chain hammer and smashed it towards Ling Zhan Tian. In an instant, it shot a million blows, and the shadows of the hammers continued to overlap.One hundred thousand beats fell first.puff……Ling Zhantian was shocked to spit out a large mouthful of black blood, and the aura on his body was reduced to the extreme, the god tiger bone axe in his hand was almost completely shattered, seeing that there were still 900,000 thumps coming, he helplessly gave up the resistance. Intended, because he has run out of oil and the lamp is dead.Big Brother… The six patriarchs were shocked.suddenly!A patriarch appeared at the side of Ling Zhan Tian, ​​using his body to block in front.Big Brother! We said we were going to die together. The patriarch smiled and resolutely faced the deadly 900,000 hammer.Second brother… Ling Zhantian exclaimed.At this time!Five figures traversed at extreme speed, and together with the previous patriarch, they blocked the front.Haha, the second brother has said that he will die together.Yes, die together.I\’ve lived enough anyway.The six patriarchs all smiled, gathering all their strength to block the front, and 900,000 hammers fell, hitting the seven people.boom……Six extremely powerful divine powers were crushed.The seven flew out of the hammer, crashed into various places in the holy city, and crashed into the halls, and finally there was no sound.grandfather……


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