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Emperor Chengyuan was shocked and immediately came to see if he was poisoned. He took her pulse and frowned deeply. The bottomless eyes quietly shed a trace of hostility, and the handsome face has been shrouded in a layer of frost.

As soon as others heard this, they immediately admired the factory director. Of course, the ingredients for making food were better, otherwise they wouldn\’t be…

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This is a great trick. For some reason, ling\’er shrunk her head in front of zhao\’er, and her manners were not good. She wore old-fashioned clothes before the flower feast that day. As zhao\’er\’s only concubine, she still had to learn this posture well, so that my emperor and grandson could be born early. she laughed.

Father Chen hasn\’t had a drink for a long time. In addition to the difficulty of getting wine tickets, he doesn\’t give up buying them.…

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On this day, the weather was fine. Shen Ling was lying quietly on the soft couch. She was holding a soft waxy cake with her tender fingers and chewing it in her mouth. It was really a happy day.

Is that iron mountain? Looking at the burly figure and frightened face, it is iron mountain! Iron mountain trembled all over his body and made…

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Why? asked mammy Zhao. After so many years in the palace, she naturally saw that Shen Ling\’s words were sincere, but why not? These things were even wanted by the county leader.

\”Fang Yang\’s name has disappeared!\” hearing this, everyone looked at it together. Sure enough, they saw that it was originally in the position of dragon…

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