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On this day, the weather was fine. Shen Ling was lying quietly on the soft couch. She was holding a soft waxy cake with her tender fingers and chewing it in her mouth. It was really a happy day.

Is that iron mountain? Looking at the burly figure and frightened face, it is iron mountain! Iron mountain trembled all over his body and made…

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This time, the imperial edict was to give Shen Ling a reward again. At the same time, Shen Ling was declared to the palace to let the Empress Dowager see her.

With one blow, the head of the Yin general burst instantly. Under the swallowing of yin and Yang, his cracked head also turned into ash…

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Why? asked mammy Zhao. After so many years in the palace, she naturally saw that Shen Ling\’s words were sincere, but why not? These things were even wanted by the county leader.

\”Fang Yang\’s name has disappeared!\” hearing this, everyone looked at it together. Sure enough, they saw that it was originally in the position of dragon…

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